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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Rotating Supper Club Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 23, 2019   2232   0
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Rotating Supper Club

A rotating supper club is a wholesome food event that’s sure to bring residents together!

People love to gather around food, discuss current events, commiserate over their careers, gossip about celebrity news, and discuss their favorite shows. A dinner club is a great opportunity for residents to bond over their shared commonalities and a delicious multi-course meal.

This type of dinner party is also sometimes called a Progressive Dinner or Safari Dinner.

***TIP*** We suggest making this into a monthly recurring event. That way, more residents get a chance to participate and host guests for a part of a meal!

Planning the Event

Invite residents over to the community center for explanation and planning purposes. Ask the residents which parts of the meal they would like to host and have them sign up to participate! The meals should be planned in a way that one host serves the appetizer, the second host serves the main course and the third host serves the dessert. This will create excitement among the residents, and will also put less strain on the hosts if they only have to serve a single course of the meal.

On the day of the supper club meal, guests will hop from home to home to complete their dinner!

The idea of the event is to have fun meeting neighbors and to release stress while also having some new delicious home-made food.

Scheduling Online

It may be a good idea to plan and schedule the event via a Google Doc or Spreadsheet after getting the word out about the event on Facebook, Instagram, and through your community newsletter.

Before you can sign up hosts you will need to spread the word and get a feel for how many resident guests are interested in participating in the supper club.

***TIP*** Make resident participants RSVP for each supper rotation so hosts can cook enough for their guests and there is no food wastage. 

Make it a Recurring Event

Pick three different hosts every month so that everyone gets a chance to host as well as be a guest in someone else’s home. Everyone who participates as a guest will have to host at least one meal course at some point, so make sure people are aware of the commitment.

Also, if there are more signups for guests than one set of hosts can accommodate; make more than one set of hosts at a given time so that all the resident guests can be entertained.

Menu Ideas


Image source: Pinch of Yum

Keep the menu open for the hosts to decide. However, if hosts want suggestions for menus, you can suggest they stick to a theme: it will make the whole meal more interesting.

Below are some suggestions for meal themes. Recipes for each course of the meal can be found here.

Chicken Parm Menu

·         Appetizer: Italian Summer Salad

·         Main Dish: Chicken Parmesan

·         Dessert: Raspberry Crisp

Arepas Menu

·         Appetizer: Chips and Guacamole

·         Main Dish: Arepas with Sweet Potato and Pork

·         Dessert: Ice Cream

Lower Expectations

Encourage the hosts to serve low-key meal courses and not go overboard trying to entertain their guests. The pressure to over-perform can place too much burden on the hosts as well as the guests.

Let the hosts know that it is okay if they serve a simple soup or salad as starter, sandwiches or other easy-to-cook stew as the main course, and simple no-bake desserts!


Rather than making the dinners an expensive affair, the goal is to create cozy get-togethers between residents which will be enjoyable for hosts and guests alike. 


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