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Shaving Cream Fun! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  April 04, 2019   2131   0
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Shaving Cream Fun!

This shaving cream covered event is sure to get slippery and messy, but is also loads of fun for residents.


There are a few different games you can play with shaving cream when you add in a few other simple items. Looking for some resident games? Check these great shaving cream games below!


Shower Caps and Cheese Puffs


Shower caps and cheese puffs is a ton of fun to play. Participants are paired up in teams of two. One resident is the thrower and one is the catcher.


The catcher places a shower cap on their head and then covers it will a big pile of shaving cream (try to make the blobs of shaving cream as equal as possible for each team).


shaving cream.jpg

Image source:


Next the judges yell “Go!” and all the throwers have to chuck cheese puffs at their teammate. The goal is to work together to try to get them to stick to the shaving cream-covered shower cap.


It’s a game of precision and skill and the team that gets the most cheese puffs to stick at the end of the round wins!

***TIP*** Start everyone off with a cup or bowl of cheese puffs each. But you can also make an offer that if they run out of cheese puffs you can also refill their cups as well!


Here is a video of the game in action:

Shaving Cream Twister


Image source: A Girl and a Glue Gun


Shaving cream twister is a messy version of the old favorite. It’s played using shaving cream dyed with food coloring which is plopped on each colored dot.

The game of twister is played as usual until everyone, and everything, is covered in colored shaving foam.

Watch this video for how to get set up and play:

For this game you’ll need:

·         Liquid food coloring or bakers gel coloring

·         At least two cans of shaving cream (off brand and unscented is fine!)


***TIP*** To color your shaving foam, it works great to dispense a half of a can each into a plastic zipper storage bag and mix with your food coloring to the desired darkness. When thoroughly mixed, you can cut off one corner of the zipper bag and pipe out your colored shaving cream into nice round circles!



Have residents dress to get messy and make the event BYOT (bring your own towels). If you have a pool on your property, you can also host this event nearby the pool areas so residents can rinse off in the poolside showers when it’s time to wrap things up.

At the very least, have buckets of water, a garden hose or some sprinklers you can clean up after the event!


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