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Food Truck Fridays Hot

Written by Resident Events On  December 20, 2018   2567   0
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Food Truck Fridays

Here’s another fun suggestion for residents: a food truck every Friday!

Everybody loves food! And eating out without having to go out is also a great way to socialize with other members of the community right near home.

Arranging a food truck every week is a wonderful way to bring the community together to share a delicious meal they may not have ordinarily tried. It can introduce your community members to new things, and even open up intercultural dialog over a shared love: FOOD!

When choosing your visiting trucks, ensure the prices of the available dishes are reasonable to your average resident. This way more community members can participate.

Also, be sure to get the word out well in advance and post many reminders for residents so the food truck owners are able to make coming into your community worth their while!


Image Source: YaleDailyNews

Select Trucks with an Attractive Exterior

To make a good impression, and also to attract more people to the food truck, it is essential that the look of the truck stands out. 

To help the owners of the truck you can supply extra waterproof decorations such as:

·         Balloons

·         Fairy lights/Christmas lights

·         Fake vines

·         Flags and banners

·         Tiki lights

·         Or other culture-specific and cuisine-specific decorations!

Add other eye-catching decorations around the truck and at the gate of your community to give the visiting food truck a festive and inviting look.

You can also set up outdoor seating if the weather is suitable, or set up tables and chairs indoors for residents to munch on their meals.

Locate a Parking Spot

Select a spot that in your community that’s high traffic so community members will see the parked truck. Parking the truck next to the office or community center is a great option. Ideally, the surrounding space should also be large enough to accommodate modest seating as well!

Posting a signboard or sandwich board by the gate will help with visiability and serve as a reminder that it’s Food Truck Friday. It’s a great visual reminder, since parking the truck next to the gate will disrupt the traffic flow and be impractical.


Image Source: Restaurant Engine

What to Serve

Mobile food trucks serve a variety of things from fast-food to ice-cream. However, it’s best to notify residents of the menu and pricing in advance so they can plan accordingly.

For instance, in winter, people love having anything warm – so a food truck that serves spicy dishes, or soups and other hot beverages is ideal!

And while residents will always love on-the-go hot food - such as French fries, cheeseburgers, tacos, and hot dogs - don’t be afraid to bring in more unique, artisanal, and ethnic trucks into your community.  

***TIP*** You may want to add freebies to your food truck such as candies for kids, or a few free meals to the first few visitors, to ensure more people turn out.

Take a Poll!

You know your community best, and you should feel open to suggestions from them as well.

Ask for truck recommendations or hold a vote for what types of food your community wants to see next. Keep changing it up with lots of variety until you hit on what works best for your residents!


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