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Super Spikeball Tournament Hot

Written by Resident Events On  October 18, 2018   1878   0
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Super Spikeball Tournament

Spike ball is an action-packed game that is popular and super easy to play. To encourage some healthy competition between residents, you can organize anything from a few pick-up games to a full-on tournament!


Learning to Play


For those unfamiliar with the sport, having a few lessons and practice games ahead of the tournament will be helpful for people to get the hang of serving and scoring. While the game and point system are both similar to volleyball in a lot of ways, there are also some important differences.


If you and your residents have never played before, here are some beginner instructions!


Additionally, serving is one of the more difficult skills to learn. Here are some more tips for mastering your Spikeball serve.




Here, you have a few options….


Go Authentic!


Buy an official set or two and extra Spikeballs from the actual company. You can also watch tutorials and learn how to play round-net and Spikeball from the people who created it!


DIY Round Net Setup


There is no shortage of online tutorials for making your first DIY round net. Additionally. handballs or tennis balls make a good substitute for the official Spikeball design.


Your maintenance team should be able to make a DIY spike ball net following these instructions.

Or this method is another way to go about it as well.


Game Modification Ideas


***BONUS*** Here are some “official” game modification ideas you can do to make play even more fun or accommodate different ages of players! Ideas include things like changing the ball you use, changing the rules, or changing up the number of players!


Host a tournament


Hosting a tournament is no different than any other kind if team tournament play. Register teams of two in advance and then make an easy elimination tournament using a printable template listing all the teams! (See this post for additional community tournament ideas and tips.)


Round net or Spikeball a lot more fun than you think! Each game is bound to attract quite a crowd due to its unusual nature. So hype it up, get residents registered, and have a super spiking great time!

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