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Herb Garden Planting Party Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 17, 2018   2578   0
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Herb Garden Planting Party

Celebrate Herb and Spices Day on June 10 by encouraging community residents to plant an herb garden of their own!


Planning Your Event


There are a few different ways to organize the event.

1) You can encourage participating residents to both bring and share their own supplies. This is cost effective to the organizers but may be a deterrent to some residents who want a done-for-them activity.


2) Have residents pre-register for a nominal fee. This way you can get an accurate headcount for the event and also provide the needed supplies to pre-registrants.


**BONUS** If space permits, consider starting an actual full community herb and vegetable garden for residents to contribute to, and harvest from in the fall!


Seeds or Seedlings


Planting from seed is more economical, but does take more time to see results.


If you really want to make a splash with residents, consider purchasing seedlings for replanting in larger pots or small container gardens. This way, residents can proudly take their new herb gardens home at the end of the event and immediately enjoy the results.


Choose Your Plants



Image source: Pixabay


Consider all the favorite, indispensable herbs and also have residents ask themselves the question, “What do I most want to be eating this summer?” Encourage residents to plant the herbs that will help them cook the dishes they love the most!

Here is a rundown of some of the herbs you may want to make available to your community:



Basil - Do you like rich sauces and caprese salads? Basil is a gift that never stops giving.

Parsley - This plant is another flavorful addition to a number of common dishes - including most everything Italian, and pesto!

Dill - If you enjoy pickled foods, don't skimp on the dill, plant more than you think you'll need.

Chives - For a fresh, oniony flavor in breakfast omelets, veggies, and topped on baked potatoes, plant a handsome supply of chives. You can also use them as part of a nice steak rub when blended with some butter.

Remember that chives come back more aggressively each year so that it something to keep in mind when planning your planting space.

Mint - Speaking of hardy herbs, mint is fantastic for some drinks and desserts. However, it’s better to grow mint in containers. Left unsupervised and wild, mint can take over your whole garden.

Cilantro - If salsas, guacamole, or South Asian cuisine are your specialty, plant some cilantro to prepare for those family get-togethers.

Thyme and Rosemary - Both are strong in flavor and scent and are used in meat, poultry, and fish recipes.

Lavender - Lavender is another fun plant to grow if you want to experiment with aromatics or try its palate-cleansing flavor.

Lemongrass - This is a must for many Southeast Asian dishes and for use in your green smoothies.

Planting Your Herbs

Here are some step-by-step instructions for a DIY home herb garden:

Planting herb gardens is a great family activity for growing both indoor and outdoor herbs. Whether in pots on patios or planted in the ground, this is a healthy and fun activity for all communities.


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