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“Best of” Pizza Vote Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 03, 2018   2021   0
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“Best of” Pizza Vote

They say everybody’s a critic - and nowhere are we more critical than when it comes to our favorite foods!

At this community event, you’ll be sharing pizza samples from a variety of local pizza venues and allowing your residents to pick their favorite ones!

Announce the event

Let residents know well in advance you will be holding a vote and doing pizza sampling in your community on a certain day. Weekends or evenings usually work best for an event like this.

Gather the pizza

This event is a great opportunity to network with local restaurants. It can help you form partnerships and friendships for other possible events.

Approach local pizza places and ask them for a sample pizza (or two or three) for sharing with your residents. Explain the event and share what you'll be doing.

Most family-owned and franchise pizza parlors will be happy to contribute a few pizzas to the event free of charge. However, you can always purchase the pizzas to share with your residents as well.

Take pictures


Image source: Pixabay

Before residents dig into the samples and there is nothing left to shoot, take some Instagram-worthy pictures of each pizza. These will help you remind residents what the winners looked (and tasted like). It will also give you some images to use on social media and for advertising next year’s event.

You can also use the pictures to make fun social graphics for each of the winning pizzas in your community.


Image Source: Pixabay

Serve the pizza

Next, cut the pizza into small slices and serve to residents on small paper plates for easy sampling.

Hand out the cards with the plate. To make the voting easier, you can also pre-number the plates (and number the pizza companies as well). This way each resident will know which sample is which. Make sure everyone has a voting card and pen or pencil as noted below.

Prepare the voting

Ensure that the voting cards are clear and easy to read. Create large boxes for each of the pizza companies participating and create a tally box as well for collecting the completed entries.

Have residents rank the pizzas from 1 = the least tasty pizza to 5 = the best!

If you have more than five pizza companies available for sampling, extend the numbering and voting as needed.

Leave space on the cards for residents to write notes about each pizza as they sample them.

Tally the votes

At the end of the voting process, you can simply add up the total number votes for each pizza chain. The top three pizza chains with the top three scores win!

This job can be assigned to a staff member or a willing couple of community members to count and validate the votes.

Share the winners!

Announce your community favorites (and notify the winning pizza company as well).

You can also ask the winning pizza companies if they would like to offer special pizza coupons and discounts to residents as part of winning (or placing) at the pizza vote event.


Have fun and happy pizza sampling!


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