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Restock Your Bookshelves with a Book Swap!
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Restock Your Bookshelves with a Book Swap! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  February 02, 2018   2156   0
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Restock Your Bookshelves with a Book Swap!

Looking for a creative way to share your love for books with others? 

Want a fun way to celebrate World Book Day on March 1? 

Are you book piles getting a little out of control?


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions (or think your residents might say yes as well) think about hosting a book swap! Give new life to all your books by holding a book swap in your community to encourage sharing and learning.

Oftentimes when we're finished reading a book it sits on our shelf. At best it’s occasionally loaned out to friends. 

Book swapping is the answer to both stretched thin budgets and lonely books!

What's a book swap?

A book swap is basically like a book sale, but without any cash exchanged! This makes it a great spring cleaning and sharing activity for the in a budget-conscious (and for those tapped out by the holidays and tax season).

It's a great way to start stockpiling those summer reads. It’s also a great way to give away all those well-loved and dog-eared paperbacks. No one will mind!

Here are a few tips for holding the perfect shelf-stocking book swap.

Create a shame-free environment

Ensure ALL books are welcome by allowing readers to bring whatever books they have, whether best-sellers, young adult romance, or graphic novels. 


There really is something for everyone. Residents just might also meet a new friend that is as big a fan of cat mysteries as they are!

Set the stage for great debates

Guests should come argue why one of the books they’ve brought is a must-read. 

Have them lay out their pitch like their life depends on it. You can also have them read a brief excerpt to prove their point. 

This makes for a rioting good time because the ensuing counter-arguments are fun as well. 

Keep snacks book friendly

If you serve snacks, keep them simple, dry, and non-greasy. Remember, sticky and books just don’t mix!

Organize the books by theme or genre

Have residents self-organize their books as they arrive. Residents should place their books in the various categories marked by notecards.

Also, ensure that there is plenty of horizontal table space spread around the room. Organize tables so there is lots of room to move about. Residents tend to stop awkwardly to read a few pages and consider their selections. 

Trade away! 

Residents can trade books for books and what they bring they can take away as well. A 1:1 plan works well unless some residents bring in boxes full of books and you have a surplus. 

However, regardless of how many residents (and books) you expect, do have a donation plan in place. Prepare in advance to give away any leftover books at the end of the event to a local library, school, shelter, thrift store, or charity.

Ready to find some new favorite titles? These tips will help you have a fun party with lots of laughs. But most importantly, enjoy your free new-to-you books!


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