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Astronomy Night - Watch the Sky Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 18, 2017   2475   0
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Astronomy Night - Watch the Sky

Not all events have to happen in the daylight hours. Sometimes the best adventures in your community will be had at night!

For this exciting astronomy event, you’ll need to stay abreast of local celestial events like lunar eclipses, super moons, comets, and meteor showers. 

Choosing the day of your event

When planning your Astronomy Night event, consult timetables and resources to pick the best celestial events. Choose interesting and exciting events, like meteor showers and lunar eclipses, that your community residents, will be most interested in. Be sure to choose events visible from your community’s location.

If possible, Friday and Saturday night events will work best for late-night community star-viewing. This is because most children don’t need to be up the next day for school. Avoid late night Mon.-Thurs. and Sunday night events.

Choose a dark viewing spot

It can be difficult to see past all the city lights reflected on the sky’s atmosphere. However, you can minimize the effect of light pollution by hosting an Astronomy Night in the darkest corner of your community property. 

***TIP*** If allowed by law in your area, temporarily dim or turn off lights in a portion of your property for the duration of the event. This will make it easier for residents to see, and appreciate the night sky.


Image source: Tes Teach

Invite local astronomy clubs to help out with their guidance and telescopes. You can also rent telescopes and other equipment for your stargazing party. 

Consider having a variety of binoculars available, in addition to constellation guides, so you can look up constellations for your area and season. 

Understanding constellations

Here is a list of constellations to guide your residents to for more information. You can also keep printable star wheels on hand for young and old start-gazers alike. 

Image source: Lawrence Hall of Science 

This printable star wheel from the Lawrence Hall of Science is a great tool for matching what you see in the sky to their astronomical names.

***BONUS*** For pre-learning (or follow up learning) you can encourage residents to take free astronomy courses online as well!

Happy stargazing!





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