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Community Badminton Tournament Hot

Written by Resident Events On  July 13, 2017   3411   0
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Community Badminton Tournament

Badminton fans are everywhere just searching for opportunities to unleash their passion for the game. For these avid fans, this badminton tournament event for your community would be like a dream come true! 

Badminton games are easy to plan and manage since they require less space for equipment storage. The tournament can also easily be made into a recurring yearly community event.

Image source: Pixabay

Preparations for the event

For this event, you’ll need to make sure you have room for a full tournament. You’ll have to inform people about the event well in advance so interested residents can register ahead and get excited about the upcoming competition. 

You can either register teams in advance, or select the team members after live rounds of badminton between players. Teams could be registered based on age or gender.

Prior to the event, ensure that you have enough equipment in good shape for a tournament. Also, stock up on shuttles: they’re bound to get lost or damaged during the game. 

If you are planning an indoor or night event, you could buy glow in the dark shuttlecocks. For the nets, we suggest using at least three small 7 foot wide nets to make the most of the available space. 

A tournament is all about building up excitement in both players and spectators. There are several ways to build up that excitement. 

Image source: Pinterest

Create the right environment

Make use of posters, graphics, and crafts to create the buzz and excitement for your big upcoming badminton event. Here is a free poster template you can use.  

Describe the reward

Plan the rewards well in advance and share images of the prizes with your community. Arrange trophies, plaques, ribbons, or certificates – depending on your budget. 

Spread the word

Spread the word far and wide – this could be done through banners, posters, community newsletters, and social media. Pictures of some teams could also be printed on the posters to make them look more “official.” 

Community residents could be sent invites to the matches on tournament day. If you send them to their mailboxes it adds an extra special touch. 


Also, set up a Facebook event page so that participants as well as organizers can stay updated on event news.  

Image source: Pinterest

Additional planning resources

Planning a badminton tournament can be time-consuming. We suggest making use of tournament planning software to make the planning process a bit easier. This will help you complete all the organizational requirements and save you a lot of time!

You may also want to make use of a Tournament Bracket Builder, which will help you generate team brackets for the tournament. However, if you would rather do it manually on paper, you can also use this free printable template.

Overall, the key for executing the event is to make it simple yet memorable for the participants. 

Rest assured, everyone will definitely have a great time during their games and be happy to brag about their wins!




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