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Action-packed Super Bowl Party Hot

Written by Resident Events On  January 20, 2017   3579   0
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Action-packed Super Bowl Party

Nothing beats the camaraderie and fun of a throw down Super Bowl party. It’s great way to get residents in the competitive spirit, and enjoy good eats as well.

If you’ve ever thrown an away game tailgating party for your residents, you can adopt some aspects of that event into this party. However, for a true Super Bowl party it’s all about great seats, good eats and most importantly, the game.


You can either plan to provide food at the event, or arrange a potluck on the day of the event. Ensure you have all your bases covered (pizza, soda, wings, chips and dips, etc.) Encourage pre-game signs ups for all the basics well in advance and send our text or email reminders in the days before the event.

***TIP*** You can also use a free online signup tool like Perfect Potluck or Sign Up Genius to coordinate dishes and send automated email reminders to residents. This will take the headache out of individually reminding residents of their commitments, leaving you more time to focus on coordinating other aspects of the event.

Consider having a buffet table set up off to one side that holds all the main courses and heartier fare. Spread additional tables and snack stations around the room for convenient refueling during the game.

Image source: Pixabay


Considering your community rules this may need to be an alcohol-free event. If that is the case, consider having a range of non-alcoholic drinks in ice filled coolers placed strategically around the room, this will add to the festive atmosphere and Super Bowl party feel.


Other than food and beverages, a good view of the game and plenty of seating should be your next priority. Consider setting up extra tables and chairs with a view of the television and bringing in additional seating - like chairs and sofas - from other areas of your community.

***TIP*** For children and flexible adults, you can also spread out blankets on the floor with cushions and pillows to make additional seating in the front row that won’t block the view of the game.

Image source: Pixabay

Television or projector

When it comes to viewing the big game you want to create a larger than life experience. Consider contacting rent-to-own stores in your area to arrange a television rental for the big day.

Men’s Journal notes that it’s certainly much more cost effective to rent a TV for your big Super Bowl party than buy. However, you may need to pay for at least 1-2 weeks rental for a large screen television or projection screens. Be sure to call around and look for the best deal well in advance of the big day.

***BONUS*** To make the most of your rental investment, consider scheduling at least one other movie marathon or film event at your community in the same TV rental time period.

Dress up and contests

Encourage residents to dress up in team colors, jerseys, hats, and face paint to support their favorite team. This will create a more game-like atmosphere with cheers and jeers throughout the game.

You may also want to host a friendly competition at the event to earn winning residents gift cards and bragging rights. Have residents try to predict the winning team and final score and award prizes to the winners. You can give away things like $25 gift cards, or gift certificates to local stores and restaurants.

Make them pick a favorite

Unless the Super Bowl just happens to be featuring the hometown team, most likely it is featuring two teams from two unrelated cities.  That means that the bulk of your attendees want to watch, but don't really have a "stake" in the game.  So here is a tip that really works:  For everyone who attends, make them pick a team to root for.  What this does is create an environment where everybody is actively rooting for someone.  We have tried this at Super Bowl events, and people tend to get emotionally connected to whichever team they "picked", even though it really doesn't impact them in the end.  It results in a much more active and fun environment where everybody is much more invested in the game, and not just watching the commercials.

Clean up

Big parties call for big clean ups. Make sure you have plenty of garbage cans placed strategically around your event area. Keep plenty of napkins and hand wipes available as well.


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