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Fall Frolic - November Craft Party
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Fall Frolic - November Craft Party Hot

Written by Resident Events On  November 04, 2016   3559   0
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Fall Frolic - November Craft Party

As our resident communities head into the fall season, it’s fun to get in the spirit of cooler weather with some creative crafts. This is easily turned into a monthly recurring event to encourage crafters to come by the clubhouse on a more regular basis. How to get started For an October craft party the focus is on setting up a few stations for different nature-based and tactile crafts that are easy projects for children and also interesting for adults as well.

Here are some ideas of craft stations to put together…

DIY Leaf Bowl

With this quick project you need either real or artificial leaves, hot glue or Mod Podge, and some balloons.

Image source: Hello Lucky

To make the bowl:

  1. Blow up the balloon and tie it off.
  2. Slowly add individual leaves and glue, being sure to overlap as you go. If you’re using real leaves, aim for softer fresher leaves before they get too try to maneuver and bend.
  3. Next, shape he leaves into a half-balloon shaped bowl gluing as you go.
  4. If you are using Mod Podge, be sure to leave to dry as per instructions on the bottle.

A hot-glued bowl can be used immediately for candy, coins, a bouquet of fall flowers, or even a cover for a smaller bowl of fruits and squash.

See the video at the bottom of this event listing to walk you through the steps.

Alternatively, you can also have children and adults fix leaves to a paper plate ring to make an impromptu fall wreath.

Paper Plate Fall Wreath


Image credit: Family Corner

Materials needed:  

  • Fresh fall leaves in various colors
  • Paper plate
  • White school glue
  • Scissors
  • Pretty ribbon

Instructions for the leaf wreath:

  1. Start by collecting about twenty fresh and colorful leaves from outside.
  2. Cut the middle out of a paper plate by folding the plate in half and starting the cut right in the middle. Work your way around the rim to leave about a two inch paper plate border.
  3. Add leavea to the plate with glue in layers. Be sure to slightly overlap the leaves. For consistency’s sake you may want to ensure that they stems are all pointed out, or inward. You can also cut of the leaf stems completely for a less jagged look.
  4. Tie your pretty ribbon in a smart-looking bow and attach it to the bottom of the wreath.

Pine Cone Bird Feeders


For these wonderful bird treats you’ll need collected pine cones as well as regional birdseed and peanut butter for sticking the bird seed to the cones. You will also need string, twine, or ribbon to tie to the top of the pinecones in order to hang them outside.

Image source: Freebie Finding Mom


  1. Be sure that all surfaces are protected and you’ve assembled all the materials.
  2. Cut a 12” to 20” length of string, rope, twine, or ribbon to tie around the top of the pine cones. Make sure they are long enough to hook over a tree branch and also dangle free.
  3. Take your hanging material and wrap and knot it around the very top part of the pine cone.

***TIP*** Make sure you do this step first because waiting to tie on the string or rope afterwards could get super messy!

  1. Spread peanut butter over the pine cones using a butter knife, spoon, or small spatula.

***TIP*** Note that a little bit of peanut butter is all that’s needed here, the less you give the kids the smaller mess they can make. Also, keep in mind that the birds won’t know the difference when it comes to the brand or style of peanut butter, so feel free to use an inexpensive brand for this project.

  1. In a small bowl, put a bit of the birdseed and then roll the pinecones around inside the seeds. The birdseed should stick to all the places the peanut butter was applied. You can also sprinkle birdseed on the pinecone as well, but this is not as strong (or drip-proof) as really pressing the seeds into the peanut butter coating.
  2. Hang them up immediately in a sport of your choosing. Try to find a place that you watch the birds enjoying their treat and consider hanging it in front of a window or across from a favorite park bench.

Homemade Glow in the Dark Slime Recipe


Another playful fall favorite is homemade glow in the dark slime.


Image and recipe source: A Pumpkin and a Princess

The materials and ingredients include Elmer’s white glue, glow in the dark paint, neon food coloring, borax, and water. It’s an easy project and you just need to follow along with the full instructions.

This is a simple recipe that makes about two cups of slime and can be shared with multiple residents after making the big batch. Like all chemical reaction crafts, this project is best made with adult supervision. No matter which crafts you choose, parents and kids are both guaranteed to have a blast. As with all crafty gatherings, be sure to cover all surfaces to protect furniture, or find a safe outdoor place to conduct these crafts for easier cleanup. Have a craft-tastic time!


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