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Written by Resident Events On  January 15, 2013   3179   1
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Community Shopping Day

The key to most apartment parties is simply providing something special to the residents, even if it still means they are spending money.  And in this case, that “something special” can be deals, deals, and more deals.  About a year ago, we went on a shopping trip with my brother-in-law, hoping to update wardrobes.  He showed us there is a big difference between just going shopping and truly being prepared.  When we met up, he had researched all the stores in the area and had found online coupons and special deals for many.  Using that, we developed a plan of attack and were able to get double the amount of clothes than we would have normally!  This is what I mean when I say you can add value to your residents even though they are still spending their own money.

So here’s the plan with this resident event.  Have your team scour online for special deals, discounts, and upcoming annual sales.  Then, try contacting stores directly telling them that you are creating a community-wide shopping day and would like to include their store, if they are willing to share some goodies, such as free giveaways or maybe a gift card to randomly give out.  The trick here is to go into the call with confidence!  Tell them that you are going to include a list of the stores in your community newsletter that goes out to 400 residents.  This is great advertising for them, so if you play your cards right, they will want to give you something in order to be on the list of chosen stores!  Couple that with some of your own gift cards and you will have a ton of freebies for your residents, coupons, and special deals for the resident event!

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