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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Spring Cleaning Party Hot

Written by Resident Events On  January 15, 2013   5137   4
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Spring Cleaning Party

Every year, we slowly come out of our winter hibernation and step out into the fresh air.  And when we do, many people feel a very strong urge to get their house in order.  Whether it is cleaning the apartment or refreshing their decorating.  The Spring Cleaning Party isn’t a party in that it combines residents together, but rather is a sense of rejuvenation for the apartment community.  There are two ways that the leasing office can jumpstart this process:

1) Community Garage Sale: There are all sorts of apartment community garage sales ideas out there, such as the “Swap and Shop”.  This gives your residents an outlet for all the junk they want to get out of their apartment.  Of course, this also possibly creates problems of more junk coming into their apartments, so maybe instead…

2) Give-Away-Day:  Let your residents know that the Salvation Army will be coming by with a truck on a certain day to pick up items.  Make it easy for them to drop it off in the office, so not only are they reducing clutter in their apartment, but they are also helping a good cause!

3) Cleaning Tips:  Share daily tips on how to clean tough stains, freshen up their apartment, and other tips helpful in the spring cleaning process.  For example, here’s a neat way to get rid of carpet dents!

4) Special Discounts and Deals:  Try negotiating bulk-rate special deals with a cleaning company for apartment cleanings.  The same goes for carpet cleanings, and you could even provide discounted accent walls!  Any way to refresh their apartment will be greatly appreciated by your residents.

All in all, these programs can easily be combined into a “Spring Cleaning Week” where the entire week has a theme of all sorts of cleaning/refreshing ideas for your residents!

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