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Must Watch Events With Your Residents
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Must Watch Events With Your Residents Hot

Written by Resident Events On  January 15, 2013   3414   2
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Must Watch Events With Your Residents

If you watched our webinar on leveraging your amenities, you are probably trying to come up with ideas on how to maximize the use of your clubhouse.  Fortunately, many clubhouses have theater rooms or big screen TVs that you can work with!  (Although many more people now have big screen TVs, so simply having a big TV won’t sell this all the way).  And this means you now have several strategies available to you!

Before I get into the strategies, it’s important this is not simply turning on the TV and hoping people show up and watch.  These are events, so they need to be properly promoted/shared with your residents, and once they come, consider all the different ways to make it a success, such as popcorn and sodas, movie trivia, and give-aways.

Note:  Many of the examples I gave are from historical examples – just keep an eye out for current events and you’ll be fine.

Strategy 1 – Movie Nights:  Keep an eye on movies that are just coming out on DVD/Blu Ray and use those as a movie guide.  There will be plenty of residents who meant to go out to the theater to watch XYZ action movie, but never seemed to make it out.  So the movie is still on the brain and they are ready to go.  You can also mix in some classics every night to get a bit nostalgic.  DVD’s and movie theater gift cards are great give-aways at this type of an event.  Keep in mind that movie companies announce when movies come out on DVD/Blu Ray well in advance, which gives you an opportunity to create a “Coming Soon” board in your community.

Strategy 2 – Weekly TV Series:  Certain shows achieve somewhat of a cult following where people will schedule their lives around each week’s episode.  With the glut of TV programming now, these are a little more rare, but they still provide great opportunities for a weekly gathering.  For example, The Sopranos, LOST, Friends, Melrose Place, and similar shows created event opportunities on a weekly basis.  In general, dramas and other shows that have a strong story arc will do better than comedies, which tend to be more individual episode focused.  A slightly more risky, but potentially more powerful opportunity is to latch on to “cult-following” shows like Fringe, Battlestar Gallactica, and Arrested Development.  These will have smaller groups, but those groups will be significantly more tied to the series.

Strategy 3 – Big TV Events:  All the major yearly events have potential for good clubhouse parties, such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars, as well as special occasion events like the Olympics and season/series finales.  For example, in 1980, imagine a viewing event to find out who shot J.R.!  And 10 of the top 20 television shows of all time were Super Bowls, so you can’t go wrong there.  Again, these bigger events will do better with some additional planning, such as movie trivia for the Oscars and a halftime flag football session for the Super Bowl.  A friend of ours once put on an Oscar party where she gave out little plastic Oscars for getting trivia answers correct.  It was a blast trying to hoard as many little Oscar statues as possible!

In the end, pop culture is providing an event guide for your community already – all you have to do is keep your eyes open!

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