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Felicia Norman  

Penny Prize Contest and Sale Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  March 22, 2012   4472   1
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Penny Prize Contest and Sale

I participated in an event like this a while back and really enjoyed myself. It's a combination of games and a prize selection/store.

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Decide on something to use as money. This can be play money or pennies brought in from your residents.

2. Gather some prizes. Have your vendors donate some gifts to share or pick out some of your own. This part is very flexible since you can have smaller items up for grabs or larger ones. The nicer the prizes, the more your residents will want them.

3. Drinks and snacks. Your residents might stay a while, so make the environment comfortable.

Here's how you play:

1. If you've brought your own fake money, distribute it evenly among everyone who is going to participate. (Maybe at the door as they walk in you can hand them 10 singles (fake)). If you've advertised as a Penny event, then have everyone empty their penny jars and bring them along.

2. Have a prize display table with the "cost" of each prize clearly marked. Allow and encourage everyone to take a look to see what interests them most.

3. Explain the rules to everyone.

a. You're going to have challenges. Participants will get up, walk around, and challenge each other to mini games for money. The games are rock, paper, scissors; thumb wrestling, and flipping a coin.

b. You must accept any challenge and pay up when/if you lose.

c. Set a time limit for play. But let them play a while.

d. At the end of the time limit, residents will use their winnings to purchase the prizes. If two residents are trying to buy one item, they must continue playing until one of them can't afford it any longer.

4. If you've used pennies, donate them to charity or use them for something in your community--maybe your next event!


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