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The Amazing Race Hot

Written by Apartment Life On  December 08, 2011   4200   1
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The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race is an outstanding reality competition show. The television show features teams of two people who travel the world together searching for clues while completing Detours and Roadblocks along the way. Follow these steps to throw an Amazing Race party that allows your guests to sample and appreciate the many customs and cultures the Amazing Race contestants experience during each season
Decorate your clubhouse with a travel theme. Visit your local travel agency and ask for travel posters, maps and flags of different countries to hang on your walls. Scatter inexpensive toy planes, trains and taxis on tables, and play a selection of international music before The Amazing Race episode begins.
Prepare food whose origins are found in countries around the world. Consider serving such ethnic foods as crepes, hummus and flatbread, moo shoo pork and bratwurst, and for dessert, a tray of Italian cookies.
Divide your party guests into teams of two, and send them on a race around your town for a list of clues you've planted in select locations. For Roadblocks (which only one member of the team can perform) and Detours (which the teams must complete together) ask your guests to perform tasks they might find difficult, such as eating a plate of anchovies or counting the number of benches in a park. Offer a small prize for the team that makes it back to the clubhouse first. This is a great way to get your residents to interact and explore the community.
Be creative and have fun because your residents most certainly will!

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