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November Social Hot

Written by Guest On  November 09, 2011   5001   0
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November Social

I would like to tell you about a great tradition that we started last year. We are an upscale apartment community that has made it our goal to have something special each month for our residents. Our staff puts on a monthly social that caters to the whole community, which consists of 143 units. We generally have between 80 to 100+ residents that show up (look forward to) for these events. We've had pizza parties which included food from 3 different restaurants. (We like to support our local community as well.) At a typical pizza social we'll have a local pizzeria provide about 50 pizzas, another restaurant provide the salad, and yet another provide the pasta. When you do this you can't go wrong, as everyone is sure to like one or the other. We've also had huge shrimp boils with red beans and rice, sausage, corn, potatoes. We've done burgers and even done a create your own style hot dog. We'll setup about 5 different stations with 5 different recipes for a dog from around the country. Everyone loved this! Of course we provide delicious desserts for all of these meals. In November, we have decided to go with a Thanksgiving meal. This allows us to give thanks, and to thank our residents. We've had this meal catered over the last two years by a local restaurant, which may I say does a great job! They even delivered the food and provide us with a server for the event. Our residents raved over the food the 1st year, so we decided to continue the tradition, which we just had on November 8. We ordered enough food and desserts for 125 people and had nothing left. The weather was great and the residents had a great time enjoying each others company and the food. The staff had a great time serving and watching everyone enjoy themselves. I'll just say that my biggest pleasure is serving and chatting with everyone as they come through the line. We have a great community with great residents, and it is a pleasure to do this for them. I don't think that we'll ever quit doing this since we all look forward to the socials each month. If anyone is thinking about doing this, I highly recommend. It's worth it just to show your appreciation to your residents. Here's a hint: our menu that was so well liked consisted of: sliced turkey, dressing, cranberry sause, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, peacan pie, carrot cake, brownies, and pumpkin pie. this is a can't miss menu. All of this carrying on about our socials has gotten me in the mood for our Christmas Social..... I'll tell you about this one next year.(Our socials are generally on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.)Sorry that I don't have any photos to share with you since as we don't post except on our Facebook page.

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