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Back To School Margaritas For Mom!
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Felicia Norman  

Back To School Margaritas For Mom! Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  August 03, 2011   3960   2
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Back To School Margaritas For Mom!

It's that time of year again, time to get all the kids ready for a new school year! I know how it is, some of us (me) try to get all the supplies early to avoid the rush of people who are doing last minute shopping for school.  The rest of us fall into that category of hurry up and grab what's left!  Either way you go, there are tons of preparation work that goes on before the first day of school.  Not only do I get supplies, I also start getting my kids to bed earlier and earlier so that first day of waking up at 6 am isn't such a surprise! Then, there's the pre-school activities--My daughter has already been to band practice and school doesn't start for another 2 weeks! We have to practice locker combinations, meet teachers, get schedules, find classes....OH MY!

So, what's the point of telling you all this for an event idea??? I just wanted to highlight some of the many behind the scenes activities that go on BEFORE the big day arrives.  When it's all done, it's time to celebrate---for the adults!  Throw all those hard working moms a nice margarita mixer party just after the school year starts! Keep it simple with maybe a few hors d'oeuvres--just a time to relax. Let them know you understand how much hard work went into getting their little ones ready for school.


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