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Garden Party Hot

Written by Lisa Drapes and Melissa Millard On  May 26, 2011   4047   2
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Garden Party
Each year we like to kick off the gardening season with a huge celebration in our clubhouse. We have a community garden in which our residents can claim a patch of their own (either a 10'x10' or 5'x5' plot). We invited our gardeners as well as any other residents who want a tasty dinner and something fun to take home. During this year's party we grilled marinated chicken to accompany cooked asparagus, sweet and spicy sweet potatoes, green beans, watermelon, and garden-themed cupcakes. While the chicken was on the grill residents played bag toss and other fun garden-themed games. We poured sunflower seeds into a clear jar and had guests guess how many were in it (only two people were close!). We also had plants on a table which residents could try and name - everything from parsley and oregano to marigolds and okra. The person who guessed the most plants correctly and the person who guessed closest to the number of seeds each won a prize of their choice. All other guests got to walk away with either a plant for their balcony or garden plot, or garden accessories (gloves, kneeling pads, and of course, Topsy Turvy planters). We had about 17 residents attend this year and everyone seemed to have a great time!

We have plenty more pictures to share if you'd like more information! They are also of a higher quality than those posted here.


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