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Battle of the Hairstylists Hot

Written by Siobhan On  May 20, 2011   3442   0
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Battle of the Hairstylists

The Battle of the Hairstylists event can take place anytime of the year. However, because this event was planned in December for the Pullman Point Housing Community, we added the "Holiday Hair" theme to the event. It was known at Pullman that there were several residents who were in the underground hairstyling industry. Meaning there were unlicensed paraprofessionals who styled hair as a side job. The Battle of the Hairstylists was an opportunity for the residents who are skilled in hair styling to show off their talent and gain more recognition in their community. Maybe even encourage them to pursue licensing. Other residents also had the opportunity to volunteer to be one of the clients/models to get their hair done in the event by one of the stylist. Pullman’s event took place Friday, December 10, 2010 in one of our large activity rooms inside our leasing office and community center. Flyers went out reading; "Are you a hairstylist who wants to show off your talents? Or someone who wants their hair done? Participate in Pullman Point’s first ever hair battle." On the day of there was food, refreshments and music. Residents that just wanted to watch also came out to join the festivities in the audience.

The stylist qualifications included being a Pullman Point resident and at least 18 years of age. The rules were as follows: each stylist must have one client whose hair they will do and the client does not have to reside at Pullman Point, all work, including color must be done solely by the stylist, washing, perms and/or sew-ins should be done before the battle, while cut & style must be done during battle, stylists must bring their own equipment (i.e. flat irons, curlers), and stylist should follow the theme, which is Holiday Hair.

Stylists were encouraged to be creative with weaves, up do’s and more! A licensed professional cosmetologist from a local Salon was asked to volunteer to judge the winner based on technical ability & consistency with theme.

All of the stylists received a small gift for their participation and the winner received a cash prize and gift basket with hair products and utensils. I have a few pictures that I would like to share but I can not upload them onto this submission site because the file size of the images are too large. If you would like to view pictures please contact me so we can figure out another way to send them.

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Legal issues?

That's a really interesting idea, but are there legal issues to this at all? If they are unlicensed, does that just mean they can't style hair for money?

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