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Felicia Norman  

International Yo-Yo Day Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  May 17, 2011   3833   1
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International Yo-Yo Day

(This event was created by Resident Events and is not eligible to win the Best Resident Event Contest, no matter how awesome it might be… )

National Yo-Yo day is June 6th!

So what are you going to do to celebrate? What I would do is hand out free Yo-Yo’s about a week before the event and to give your residents time to practice and learn a few tricks. Then, on National Yo-Yo Day, or maybe the day before so it is a weekend event, have a Yo-Yo Trick Off! Maybe like a dance off but with Yo-Yo tricks and records to be made and broken. Have categories like longest time using a yo-yo without messing up, best trick, longest walking the dog trick….Then, you can award prizes to the winners in each category and post in your offices their picture and whatever record they hold.

Make it a continuing competition to see who can out do last year’s competitors each year! Just have fun with it. Have music, games, and a cookout for your summer celebration of one of the world’s oldest and greatest toy inventions!!!

For more information or to find yo-yo events happening in your state go here.


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