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Olympic Rock Paper Scissors Championships!
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Felicia Norman  

Olympic Rock Paper Scissors Championships! Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  May 03, 2011   3827   1
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Olympic Rock Paper Scissors Championships!

(This event was created by Resident Events and is not eligible to win the Best Resident Event Contest, no matter how awesome it might be… )

Announcing The Officially Un-Official OLYMPIC ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS CHAMPIONSHIP Event!

Set the stage for the greatest competition ever to be held within the confines for your community center: The Olympic Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship. (Ideally this event may include a small amount of alcohol).

Start off with a signup sheet for those residents who would like to participate in the event. Place those on the signup sheet into brackets—see uploaded picture.

Position a “rock paper scissors gladiator ring”—a miniature version so that there’s only room to stand and play the game—in the middle of the room and have chairs and seating all around for a great 360 view. Ring girls and guys would be a fun touch to announce the different rounds of each contest.

To begin the event, have the competitors make a GRAND entrance! Play some great Rocky Theme music and introduce each competitor as they come into the community center. When you plant the grand entrance, think about the iconic opening ceremonies for the Olympics! Lighting a giant torch with a bow and arrow is probably not the best idea, but that would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

Then, sing our National Anthem AND the Rock Paper Scissors Anthem (Lyrics to follow):

Rock, Paper, Scissors!
by Richard Graham

Rock, paper, scissors.
(Rock, paper, scissors)
1,2 3, (1,2,3)
Rock, paper, scissors.
(Rock, paper, scissors)
1,2 3, (1,2,3)

Are you ready? (Yeah)
Are you ready? (Yeah)
Are you ready? (Yeah)
Are you ready? (Yeah)

Repeat Chorus

(Listen to it here)

Have your battle! Call matches according to the pre-set brackets and recite the rules of the game (while wearing a referee shirt?). Then let the Rock, Paper, Scissors competition commence!

Have a podium/three step podium available for your champions and the awards ceremony where you will give out appropriately colored metals to the winners! I would get OVERSIZED medals to place around their necks!

I would also suggest other prizes, my favorite being a “preferred parking spot”. If your community offers covered parking for a fee, give the winner a free month with a sign posted which reads something like “Reserved Parking for Rock Paper Scissor Glorious Champion”.

Here’s a suggested Play List for this event:
“We Are the Champions”-Queen
“We Will Rock You” – Queen
“Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor
“It’s a Fight” - Three 6 Mafia, Various Artists

Make this event as official as you can. In fact, Rock, Paper, Scissors does have an official league and if you are interested, you might go so far to find out how to register this event as an armature bracket through their official website.


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