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Dollar Menu Night Apartment Party
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Apartment Life  

Dollar Menu Night Apartment Party Hot

Written by Apartment Life On  December 20, 2010   3979   2
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Dollar Menu Night Apartment Party

Serve dinner from a 99 Cents (or value) menu from a local fast food restaurant for a fun and inexpensive twist on dinner night.

Apartment Party Supplies
Paper products (napkins, cups, plates, forks... much of which the restaurant will provide)
99 Cents menu food

Detailed Description
Unique spin on dinner night.  Any fast food restaurant with a dollar menu is fair game.  Based on the number of residents who normally attend events, purchase an appropriate number of items from the 99 cents menu.  (If you have a larger budget, you could purchase two items per person.) To save money, CARES Teams provide the drinks instead of purchasing from the restaurant.  Easy set up and clean up for this event.
Each month you do this event, you could feature a different fast food restaurant.  Work with the restaurant management to see if they'd offer coupons to pass out to your residents.

Creative or special ways to promote event:
Hang signs around the community (in common areas) or in the office that just have the number "99" on them. As the event gets popular, everyone will know what these mean and be excited about the evening.

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Great Idea

Love the idea of getting the restaurant to donate coupons its a win win.

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