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Focus On Your Feline Friends in June Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 02, 2014   4167   1
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Focus On Your Feline Friends in June

A lot of time when we think about "pet friendly", people immediately picture dogs, probably because they are the main focus of weight limits.  But there are plenty of residents who love their cats, and June is a great way to focus on our feline friends!

1) National Adopt a Cat Month - As spring is a randy time for cats, June has become National Adopt A Cat Month to find homes for those new furry little kittens.  So call up the local shelters and find out more details about their adoption programs.  Consider lifting pet fees during the month as a way to support the program!

2) June 4th:  Hug Your Cat Day - Yes, they have a holiday for just about everything.  But no matter how silly the "holiday" is, it often gives a great reason to reach out to your residents and bring a little levity to their day!  So turn the "Hug Your Cat Day" into a social media contest for your residents to share pictures of them hugging their cats.  This might need to be a week-long event, however, to make sure you get enough submissions.  So embrace the ridiculous and enjoy the cat hugs!


This is a great program for communities that are truly pet-centric, so have fun with it!

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