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Hairstyle Appreciation Day - I'm not making this up
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Brent Williams  

Hairstyle Appreciation Day - I'm not making this up Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  April 08, 2011   6063   5
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Hairstyle Appreciation Day - I'm not making this up

I just learned that yes, April 30th is actually Hairstyle Appreciation Day!  I know, how goofy is that?  But frankly, goofy ideas often make the best events!  So in honor of Hairstyle Appreciation Day, I propose a fun social media program for your apartment community.  The plan here is to do a real-life event mixed with a Facebook contest!

Before you do anything, think about how you are going to promote your event.  Making a couple of Facebook posts will help, and maybe a sign in your office, if you get really industrious!  Once you think of a plan to get the word out, try out these steps:

First, have all your team members dress up their hair to any style of any generation.  This could mean a beehive, a mohawk, or a mullett!  Wigs are fine, so just have fun!

Second, have your crazy hair spread to your Facebook Fan Page!  Encourage your residents to share old pictures of themselves with really bad haircuts on your Fan Page.  Every single person has had a bad hairstyle picture, so this is definitely possible!  Have your on-site team to also share their bad hairstyle pictures, as well, to get the ball rolling.  (This is important, as many residents won't participate until they see someone else go first)

Announce the winner, and that's it!

And just for fun, we found this video of someone actually showing how to pull off the greaser hair style:

Anything else we should add to the event idea?


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Hey Brent, this would be too much fun and make for some great laughs. I definitely have plenty of hair gone bad pictures I would post (Crimped hair in 5th grade; what a mess!) So what does the winner get? Maybe a copy of the movie Hairspray or Tangled? Or better yet, a free trip to the salon!

Owner's reply

I love those ideas as prizes!!!

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