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Milisa Crouch  

Resident Portal Bingo Hot

Written by Milisa Crouch On  December 01, 2010   6688   6
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Resident Portal Bingo

We place a Bingo Number up on your website everyday each month until someone gets a BINGO and that person wins a prize! We do this each month. It keeps residents coming to the website to see what's happening at the community.

Only $104 for 9000 cards plus a whole lot more.

Keeps residents coming to Resident Portal page EVERYDAY!!!

Takes no effort at all...hand out cards and date the a new # each day. EASY!!!!

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(Updated: January 12, 2011)
New Hampton Commons Apartments

Bingo Questions

I am writing to see exactly how this works. My community is interested in this idea. Please email me back to let me know how it works and any rules.

Owner's reply

We have ordered bingo playing cards and a deck of Bingo Number Cards from National Bingo Corp.-The Bag Factory via their website or 1-800-242-4640
We make a sheet each month with all apartment numbers listed.
As everyone picks up their cards we date stamp the card and fill in the date on the sheet as well.
We post a new Bingo number on our Resident Portal page everyday.
The 1st person to BINGO brings in their card to confirm the date stamp and numbers and wins a prize!!
We then post the winner's photo on our website, end the game for that month and start all over on the 1st of the next month.
By the way...The cost for 9,000 cards, 2 decks of number cards, 24 Dot Markers, and a bag of 300 chips we will use on Game Nights, were ONLY $104.00 These supplies will last WAY OVER A YEAR!!!! Great investment and a TON of FUN and keeps Residents coming to our Resident Portal DAILY!!!!
I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If anyone needs more information.

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Just make sure you don't forget to post the new bingo number every morning. If you don't, they'll be calling!!!! :)

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Love this idea!

I love this idea...I have a famiy property that has very little money, so this works great for me.

We host a customer appreciation day each month, so they can exchange cards on this day if they want...

Plus, I purchased a bingo game at Walmart and copied the cards to make them bigger, so I can just hand them out this way...for a low budget the cost of the game was like $15.00 amd the copying of the cards were free becasue I did that in my office...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea with us...

Owner's reply

You are so welcome! I love the card exchange idea on customer appreciation day too! Very nice! I caution on copying the cards. You may end up with multiple winners that way. Your residents are going to enjoy this a great deal! Have fun!

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