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Model Airplane Building Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 22, 2019   3987   0
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Model Airplane Building

Building models is a fun and challenging activity for older children and adults. It’s fun to make either a model airplane or a radio control kit that flies! 


It may sound intimidating to build model or remote control (RC) planes at first. But anyone can do it! It only takes patience, right tools, time, and effort to follow the instructions and get it put together step-by-step.

The best way to organize this event is to register residents in advance. This way, you can collect the model kit fees and purchase materials in advance.


Poll your residents and decide how much time and attention they will want to put into this project over several days (or weekends).


Provide a Range of Model Kit Choices


Remote control (RC) airplane kits cost anywhere from $20-$100+ and are widely available online. Scale model kits (for display only) start at around $5 and go up from there. You can purchase kits for residents from sites like Amazon, Banggood, 1001 Hobbies, and Hobby Lobby.


***TIP*** Give residents a choice of a few different models. In this way, residents can choose the model to build that fits their skill levels and budgets. 


You can also make a large RC plane with simple foam materials and kits for only around $10.


Work to Include All Ages

Depending on how involved parents want to be, you can involve both parents and young children in completing these projects. However, this event is best for children and adults ages 8+ or as specified on each kit.


Here explains the various model airplane kits and their challenge levels:




Fly and Play with Planes


To conclude the event, have flying contests on your property or at a nearby park. 



Building a model plane or RC planes from a kit is no doubt time consuming. However, all that hard work pays off when you finally get to take that maiden flight in a park or nearby field.


After spending hours or even weeks creating a plane out of a pile of pieces, remember to use that new plane to play!


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