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Vision Board Craft and Party Night
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Vision Board Craft and Party Night Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 09, 2019   8737   0
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Vision Board Craft and Party Night

One of the best ways to achieve our goals is to keep them top of mind. This way we're always consciously and subconsciously looking for ways to move closer to them. Vision boards are a powerful tool to help us reach our goals, and a great activity to complete with your community residents.

This event can be adapted for children, pre-teens, teens, and adults. We suggest holding a child-friendly event in the day time and saving any adults-only party for evening hours.

This works best as an indoor event, but it can also be held outdoors on a still and quiet day (remember, making paper collages and high winds don’t go great together!)

Creating vision boards is a fun and motivating activity that can help clarify people’s life goals and solve problems where a person feels stuck.

For this activity, you’ll need:

·         Poster board, small canvas, or cork board for each participant.

·         Lots of old magazines.

·         Scissors. One pair per participant (You can ask residents to bring their own if needed).

·         Glue, tape, or thumbtacks.

·         Markers or paint.

***TIP*** Ask residents to bring their own magazines to contribute to the pile! You can also buy old magazines from yard sales and garage sales, or find them at your local library book sale or thrift stores.

If you’re having a hard time finding magazines for vision board making, try searching Craigslist for free magazines and books you can use for collage making.

Throwing a Vision Board Party


Image source: Travel Mamas

To start everyone off, ask residents to identify their goals and intentions. Help them clarify what they would like to achieve through their vision boards.

***TIP*** For younger children, allow them to be spontaneous and creative with their boards. Allow them to include pictures of things that inspire them or bring them joy.

When working with younger children, their vision boards can be simple collages or even cartoon-themed boards that may not convey much meaning. Just playing with colors and shapes can be stimulating as well as therapeutic for children as well as adults.


***BONUS*** Display all the vision boards once complete or post pictures on your community’s social media pages.

Night Time Party Event

To make an adults-only evening event more manageable and cost-effective, plan it as an “after dinner” party. It will allow the residents to gather and socialize with each other and also wind down from the daily stressors.

Here are some important tips for making powerful vision boards!

***TIP*** If funds are tight, consider collaborating with local restaurants or caterers to provide snacks for the event or organize a potluck!


After they’re complete, remind residents to put their vision boards somewhere they can see them every day. This will prompt residents to visualize their ideal lives on a regular basis. It will also help your residents attract the people, resources, and opportunities they need to achieve their goals!


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