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Jar Guessing Game Hot

Written by Resident Events On  April 11, 2019   11693   0
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Jar Guessing Game

Have residents put on their guessing goggles and check out your gigantic jar filled to the tippy-top with all different kinds of treats!

Residents can make their best guess for the jar guessing game and write down how many items they think are filling up that giant jar! The resident(s) with the guess closest to the correct number (without going over) will win a fun prize or be given a $25 gift card!

Keeping a guessing game jar in the office is a simple, inexpensive, and easy event to repeat once a month. Residents and their children can make their guesses when they stop by the office to drop off rent…or just to chat.

Every month, a few days before rent is due, set up a guessing game jar in the office filled with small seasonal candy or other fun items.

Keep guesses to one per person and keep track of entries using these free printable estimation jar slips or make your own.


Image source: Horsing around in LA

***TIP*** Play it by ear. If multiple residents guess correctly, you can either give every winner a prize or enter the correct guessers into a drawing to win a single prize bigger prize.

Here are some ideas of items you can fill the jar with each month:

·         Paper snowflakes or snowflake confetti

·         Cherry blossoms

·         Gummy worms

·         Chocolate Easter eggs

·         Pretzels

·         Mini drink umbrellas

·         Jellybeans

·         Legos

·         Balloons

·         Fall leaves

·         M&Ms of favorite local sports team colors

·         Spider rings

·         Candy canes

·         Holiday Hershey’s Kisses

***BONUS*** After rent payment time has come and passed, you can also keep the candy or other items from the guessing game in a big bowl in the office for a sweet seasonal treat.


Remember to announce the winner in your newsletter and on social media!


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