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Succulents & Sunshine Hot

Written by Resident Events On  March 21, 2019   4673   0
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Succulents & Sunshine

Taking some time off to build their own terrariums is a fun and relaxing event for residents to let go of day to day stress. In early spring, getting back in the sunshine is also definitely a wonderful experience for everyone in your community.

Terrarium building will be an exciting event for residents of all age groups!

Materials Needed

·         Succulents (brightly colored)

·         Terrariums (or pots with adequate holes for water drainage)

·         Accessories such as big stones, ferns, lights etc.

·         Potting soil

·         Gravel and sand

·         Gloves

·         Scissors



Image source: Flower Stalk

If you’re trying to keep costs down, your terrarium-building activity can also be planned in two parts. Residents can first start their own succulents, and then later gather to plant and decorate their succulents in terrariums.

Below is a video demonstrating how to grow your own succulents from cuttings:

Decorating Terrariums


Image source: Garden Grove

While gardening comes naturally to some people, there may be others who feel intimidated or unsure about how to go about decorating their terrarium. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring in an expert who can guide your residents with this activity.

Alternatively, here is a useful resource for beginners explaining how to build a succulent terrarium in four easy steps.

***BONUS*** This activity can also be used for team-building with your staff!



Image source: Tutsby

Giving everyone similar plants and decorations may get boring and monotonous. Therefore, we suggest you buy a variety of plants and decorations so everyone can go home with a unique terrarium. For example, glass terrariums come in different shapes and sizes such as jars, apple-shaped, hanging, wine glass, and wall-mounted.

It’s a good idea to allow the residents to experience and experiment with a variety of such containers and plants (or choose their favorite in advance). Most of these containers can be purchased online for under $20. You can also seek out suitable containers at thrift stores and yard sales.

Similarly, there are a number of different succulents suggested for terrariums. Many such plants will have bright attractive flowers and sturdy leaves. Here is another list of nine best succulents for terrariums. Purchase a variety of plants to keep the designs interesting.

You may give each person a terrarium-building kit or make teams (or families) of three or more people working on a single terrarium depending on the number of participants.


Remember, let your residents be creative, soak up the sunshine, and just immerse themselves in the process!


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