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Themed Murder Mystery Dinner Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 24, 2018   4441   0
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Themed Murder Mystery Dinner

A mystery or murder-mystery dinner is an exciting activity to set up and act out.


It's especially great for residents that have flair for the dramatic! This is because they’ll have to stay in character for a good two to three hours as you all have your meal and act out the drama!


Getting set up


To plan your party, you can either purchase a physical box kit or download instructions sharing everything you need to get started. Either way, there will be pointers for both the organizer and all participants. There will also be some tips on how to dress to stay in character.


You can purchase murder mystery mingle kits online from sites like Shot in the Dark Mysteries or download a mystery dinner pack from sites like Night of Mystery.


Cook or cater the themed dinner



Image source: Pixabay

As part of this event, you’ll need to put together a themed dinner as well. For example, you would arrange Italian food to go with an Italian-themed murder-mystery.


Choosing your guests


The dinner will only run smoothly if all the roles are filled. Therefore, the most important thing to remember is the number of guests must be set and guests need to be registered in advance.


You can hold informal “auditions” so to speak by having residents stop by the office. You can also ask residents to register themselves (and pay to participate) in advance.


Once everyone is signed up, send dinner invitations and instructions to each guest. And if you end up a participant or two short, you can always also invite local theater students to fill-in!

Dinner is served!


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