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Exciting and Explosive Balloon Race Celebration
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Exciting and Explosive Balloon Race Celebration Hot

Written by Resident Events On  April 07, 2017   6869   0
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Exciting and Explosive Balloon Race Celebration

Balloons are no longer limited to tying to your community sign for curb appeal!   Now it's time to organize a Balloon Party! Balloon parties are cost effective, simple, exciting and lots of fun for your residents. We love that this event can bring together community residents from all age groups.


Picture Credit: Pinterest

A variety of balloon races

Balloon relay race - The balloon relay is simple and lots of fun! This game is played between two or more teams, each of which has three to five members.

The first member will complete a lap and return to the team. The second member will join the first with a balloon between them and complete the lap together.

Running back to the team, they will add up a new member every time!

A really comical game is a Balloon Pop Relay. In this version, each member of the team has to run to a chair, sit on it with the balloon, pop it and run back to the team to send up the next team member. The team who pops all their balloons first is the winner!

Back to back balloon race - This game is similar to the balloon relay race, except that it’s played between two players and the balloons are placed at the back of each member.

It is also known as a “Balloon Sandwich Race.”

The goal is to run to the finish line holding sandwiching the balloon intact in its place.


Picture Credit:

Bow legged balloon race – In this game, players position the balloon between their knees and rush to the finish line. Whoever reaches the finish line first, with the balloon still in place, wins! It’s bound to be full of giggles, screaming, and balloon pops… so, gear up!

***TIP*** Have participants kangaroo hop or long jump to add up to the fun!

***BONUS*** A few games can be arranged for older residents or small children, which don’t involve physical racing, such as a minute-to-win balloon shooting game, building a balloon tower and even balloon tennis.

Picture Credit: Times Free Press

The best part about managing a balloon party (aside from a bit of popped balloon cleanup) is that this event is easy to manage, inexpensive, and causes very little hassle.


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