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Color Me Happy! Adult Coloring Event
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Color Me Happy! Adult Coloring Event Hot

Written by Resident Events On  January 08, 2017   4861   0
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Color Me Happy! Adult Coloring Event

The success of adult-themed coloring books in recent years means that many have heard about the benefits, or already tried the trend for themselves. There is nothing quite as fun and relaxing as diving into coloring an elaborate picture to perfection. It can ease stress and also brighten your mood.

An adult coloring event is a great weeknight event. It can be especially needed mid-week to get adults over the work-week hump and let off stress at this fun community-building event.


Any adult coloring night is going to need coloring utensils and coloring sheets.

You will likely need to pre-print pages unless your book comes with perforated pages that can be removed from the binding. Consider acquiring a variety of images including tribal designs, mandalas, still life pictures, or even buildings and architectural designs. Ensure you have something for everyone so that all residents are happy!

Image source: Pixabay

***TIP*** If you have a copier on site, you can let the adults pick which pages to copy out of a single book and use those for coloring. This will save you from paper wastage and ensure that everyone is getting their favorite (and unique) picture to color!

Day of the event

Aim to leave at least an hour and a half for everyone to arrive and get settled and still have time to color all (or at least most) of an intricate sheet.

Consider putting on some stress busting sounds like soft blues, jazz, classical music, or other meditative music to help establish a creative mood and relaxing atmosphere at this event.


Crayons simply won’t work on such finely detailed designs and pattered pages! Instead, collect a variety of quality colored pencils (Prismacolor is a great brand) or have fine tip markers available as well.

You can also set up a few watercolor pencils, brushes and cups. These can be used to color in areas of the page with fine lines (just as you would with a colored pencil) or also smoothed with water to paint and cover larger areas of the page.

Image source: Pixabay

Monthly meet-ups

It may be fun to make this a recurring monthly event. Participant can chip in to buy some of the newest adult coloring books of everyone’s interest. Even with a dollar or two per participant the group could easily afford a fresh book to add to the collection every month.

A coloring night is a great way to get some stress relief and build a sense of community by sharing in the childlike joy of coloring together!



Although we put "Adult" in the title, it is against Fair Housing to run an event that discriminates against someone based upon familial status, which protects against discrimination to those with families.  So while the point of this event is to highlight that adult coloring is a trend, it is important to frame the event to show that all residents are welcome to the event!


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