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Starbucks at the Pool! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  October 31, 2014   5910   0
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Starbucks at the Pool!

Several years ago, we thought it would be an amazing program to have Starbucks Frappuccinos at the pool on select Saturdays!  Unfortunately, the challenge to making that happen was quite steep, but that may all be changing!  Starbucks just announced that it is going to roll out a delivery service in select markets! 

One of our strong beliefs is that an amenity has no value to your residents if they don't actually use it.  So while the pool really impressed them during the initial sale, once they live at the community for a while and never use it, the pool slowly loses value to them.  So programs to maximize your existing amenities is absolutely crucial, and this is a great way to jumpstart the pool during the summer!

As this is a new program, we don't know the exact details.  Our initial guess is that covering the cost of the drinks would get too expensive, so it might make sense to randomly give away a few tickets throughout the week so you can manage the number of drinks given away.  One option is to simply visit the pool the prior week and give out a few free drink tickets that are good for the following week, which means you have people coming back week after week!

If you don't want to give away drinks, we still think the service itself has merit, and we think it is a good option to try out regardless. 

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