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Outdoor Twister Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 12, 2014   10827   0
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Outdoor Twister

Here is a great activity idea that can be scaled up for a HUGE twister group!  I found this idea on Pinterest, and what really has us excited is that you could essentially make a community-wide twister game!  Seems like that is an opportunity for a Guinness World Record, don't you?

Here is the original idea, where you cut circles out of a pizza box and start spray painting the colors across the lawn, making four columns of dots - red, blue, yellow, and green.  She suggests using Rustoleum 2x coverage paint.  For a large twister board, it would make sense to make two or three columns for a wider rectangle.

As you spray paint the dots, it is probably a good idea to run some string along the rows, or at least on the edges so that the board stays somewhat even across the field.  As for the spinner, she recommended ditching the spinner and instead simply have two bowls with papers on them.  One would have a color, and the other would have a body part, such as "right foot" or "head".  That way, you can have two kids help call out each turn to help.

(Actually, breaking the world record might be a little bit tough...)

I love this idea because twister is absolutely great about slowly breaking down boundaries.  At the start of the game, everybody is still in their own personal bubbles, but in slow motion, as each color gets called, then people have to start invading each other's territories, breaking down bubbles and making people interact. 

Things to consider:

1) Although you may create a giant twister board, think about a situation where not enough people show up or play.  Part of the fun with twister is forcing them to be in close proximity, so if they are too spread out, it ruins part of the game.  So to counteract this, plan to cut down the number of dots based upon the number of players.


2) As always, take pictures, pictures, pictures!


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