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Popsicle Stick Cobra Activity For Kids
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Popsicle Stick Cobra Activity For Kids Hot

Written by Resident Events On  February 10, 2014   5241   0
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Popsicle Stick Cobra Activity For Kids

Most of you have seen domino chains where dominos are lined up one after the other into long lines and designs.  Knocking down the first domino then knocks down the second, third, etc until the whole series is down.  Lots of fun as a kid, and a great activity in its own right!  But what you may not be familiar with is a similar concept using Popsicle sticks!  (NOTE:  After researching for a while, we have heard that tongue depressors are actually better for this, so we’ll go with tongue depressors from here on out).  Check out this cool effect here:

The sticks are essentially woven together with a lot of tension built up as they flex between each other, and is often called a “stick bomb”.  Here’s another great one:

There are several types of stick bombs, but here is a video on how to create one like in the image above, called the Cobra Weave:

Although we say that this activity is for kids, really, this activity can be fun for any age, so don’t limit yourself!  Also, we saw several videos where the sticks moved so quickly that the camera didn’t keep up very well, so make sure to plan out how to film it before you set it off!  And like usual, make sure to share through your social media accounts!

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