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Icebreaker - The Name Game Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 18, 2013   8709   2
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Icebreaker - The Name Game

One of the major goals of most every apartment party should be to facilitate residents getting to know each other.  A free hotdog is nice and all, but free food pales in comparison to forming connections with fellow neighbors when it comes to resident retention.  So we want to brainstorm different ways to inspire people to actually interact with others outside of those they came to the party with.

There are several “name game” types of activities, and this is just one strategy.  The plan is to reward people for getting to know others at the party, and to do so, the game involves testing residents on which names they learned.

How to Play:

Each attendee gets a nametag with their name on one side and a number on the opposite side.  Residents are asked to show their name first as they mingle, and that there will be a prize for those that remember the most names.

Midway through the party, ask all attendees to flip over their nametag so it only shows their number, asking them to now keep their name secret!  Give each resident a piece of paper with a list of all the numbers, and have the residents go back through the crowd and “re-meet” all of their fellow residents, trying to match up their name with their number.  They write all the names they can remember on the sheet next to the number, and then you announce the winners!

(What we love about this event is that it forces every person to be involved.  With many events, the quiet residents are left to sit by themselves and not interacting.  But with this event, the social butterflies of your community will end up forcing those that are a bit quieter to interact in some way, even if it is just to get their name.)

TIP:  Not only have you created a situation where you enabled residents to get to know each other, but is has also helped you find out who the potential leaders are within the community!  Those who won the game have the personality type to help you plan future events, help welcome new residents, and overall become a key component of the social atmosphere at your community!  So don’t let them disappear – have a plan for how you can use those key residents for future plans.

TIP:  Remember that even when people learn a name at one event, it may not have lasting benefits unless you have a strategy to build upon those connections!  So always have a plan on how to leverage the connections made at your event after the party is over!

Potential Drawback:  When creating an event concept, we also like to think about how it might not work as anticipated.  For example, in this case, residents don’t really have to interact in order to get the name of their fellow residents, as it is in plain sight.  So someone could potentially win the entire event without talking to anyone!  So that is a concern – if you have a suggestion to improve this event, please leave a comment below!

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