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Written by Resident Events On  June 03, 2013   5717   1
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 A while back, we shared a goofy party activity where we created a modern day fun house like the old school curved mirrors.  Today, we found out about a completely different type of fun house device, called a speech jammer!  Basically, it repeats your own speech back to you, which confuses your brain and has a fun side effect of making it really hard to talk.  So try setting this up at your community event and record residents trying to speak while it is “jamming” their speech! 

After doing some research, it seems that the results vary depending on the app used and the person using it.  You can search the mobile app store for some options, and here is a Windows version.


Here is an example of a guy trying to give a gun review while using the speech jammer.

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OMG I cannot stop laughing.

Owner's reply

Did you try it out? You should video yourself doing it! :)

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This is hilarious. I can't stop laughing!

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