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Felicia Norman  

Oranges and Pantyhose Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  November 09, 2012   7898   1
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Oranges and Pantyhose

This is a great game for kids or gown ups (get out your video recording devices because this is going to be funny!)

Here's what you need:
2 Oranges and a Pair of Pantyhose for each racer.

Here's how to play:
Place one orange into the leg of the pantyhose and then tie the pantyhose around the waist of the racer. The orange leg should hang down towards the ground and swing between their legs. Using the "third leg" players tap the second orange on the floor in front of them and race to the finish line. The first player and orange to cross the finish line wins.

If you're into football, Play this game at your Citrus Bowl Game watching party!!

For Halloween, use small pumpkins instead of oranges.

For your back to school party, use Apples!

What other times and fruits do you think would work?


Note.- This is a great game for a tournament. Hold practice runs, then elimination races, and finally a championship race.

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