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Box Maze Hot

Written by Apartment Life On  March 13, 2012   7421   4
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Box Maze
A box maze can be a wonderful event for children and adults alike. The materials are free and minimal assembly required.

Where to find the boxes:
• Appliance stores
• Sears
• Grocery stores

Lay out your design:
Once you get them all in the apartment, line out the “design” for the box maze. Just like most mazes, we have one main line that works, and a bunch of dead ends.

You’ll need flashlights:
Get little flashlights or glow sticks for people to go through with, it gets REALLY dark in there. Glow sticks and flashlights are very cheap from Oriental Trading.

You open the boxes up, and attach them with tape. Use packing tape or duct tape, and not very expensive brand – it typically takes 4 rolls to do an entire maze, cutting/connecting where needed to attach them. You will want to tape them well b/c kids get in there and start trying to make their own holes. The recommended method of doing it is at the connecting spots cut your holes to where one box has a flap that you can tape to the other box. It can be much easier and space efficient for the entrance and exit to be at the same location, the front door of the apartment. Then, we used a large refrigerator box to connect to the front of them, so that no one could see in to the design. Then, put it together, and have fun.

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I bet smaller kids would absolutely love this idea. Might be fun to do on a larger scale as well..since most of the time the boxes are free, get enough to fill the community center!

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