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Hot Chocolate Bar For Your Winter Apartment Community Party
Cardboard Drive In Movie
Hot Chocolate Bar For Your Winter Apartment Community Party
Holiday Gift Wrapping Party
Wena Lee
End of Summer Closet Clean Out And Fill Up Extravaganza!
Felicia Norman
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Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides
Because of the cold weather here in Maine, we try to think of different resident functions that embrace the cold air instead of hiding from it. My property manager and assistant property manager decided to celebrate the holiday season with a traditional horse-drawn wagon ride through the community. We gathered all of our residents and had a holiday party inside a vacant apartment while waiting for the large Belgian horses to pull us through the snow. We snacked on hot cocoa and cookies while singing Christmas carols through the apartments. After the horses were tired out, everyone, especially the kids, took turns feeding the horses their favorites: carrots and apples. We also had a raffle to give out gift cards, poinsettas, wreaths, and snow-time related gifts. It was such a big hit, all the residents made sure we were going to have a repeat...
Summer Party
Our Summer Party consist of a Huge Water Slide, Dunk Tank, DJ System, Pie eating contest, big raffle and pizza and drinks are provided. All in all our residents keep coming back every year and talk about our great parties and activities we do for our residents. With our movie nights, haunted house, easter hunt, and card making days. We bring our community closer in being one of the best and funnest ever. Serengeti Springs is home.
Going Bananas Party
We had a "Going Bananas" party in the early summer. We peeled about 40 pounds of bananas and put them on a tarp for a "banana peel slip-and-slide" as well as having banana bread, virgin banana daiquiris, banana splits, and all sorts of silly banana-based games (like passing bananas on a spoon between teams, pin a banana on a monkey, banana-toss (like horseshoes), and even some competitions like building boats out of banana peels and duct tape, and then racing them across a small pool.)
For the entire month there are events for the Relay for Life. We have a big yard sale so the residents can spring clean and all the proceeds go to Relay for Life. Then we have a craft sale and many residents spend time putting crafts together to sell. We usually have large participation and everyone celebrates at the walk. Great community involvement!! Win win for all!
This week we had events for every day of the week for our low income senior residents. Monday we had a safety fair. The local police department, emergency management and our security company passed out valuable information, along with extra prizes for the residents. Tuesday we had a health fair where we had several home health agencies, department on aging educated our residents on everything they have to offer, as well as providing lunch and prizes. Wednesday was our pamper yourself day. We had a local cosmetology school provide free manicures while a local massage therapist donated her time to give chair massages. Wednesday night we had an American Idol finale party where we watched the finale on the big screen T.V. A local agency donated ice cream floats for the event. Thursday the apartment staff, along with my children, provided...
499 apartment parties - showing 296 - 300 « 1 ... 57 58 59 60 61 62 ... 63 100 »

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