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Scavenger HUNT
My community is centered around our university and I have always had the idea to get our community more involved in the larger community. My residents are majority graduate students that take their studies very seriously. The majority of my residents are always considered part-time residents of Ohio as they only live here during the school year and go home so many of them do not take advantage of everything our city has to offer. I had always planned on doing a scavenger hunt around the city partnering with other businesses and apartment communities to compete against one another. We would market the scavenger hunt in all places which would get your name out there and help the other businesses as well. Each business would contribute something towards the grand prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize... be it gift cards, tshirts, cups, food... etc. Then after the scavenger hunt...
Wine and Art (a unique spin on the typical Happy Hour)
This is a unique event that we are planning for June 2011. If you have a resident or two at your community who are art-savvy, maybe they can teach the class for you. We have two art teachers on property who are passionate about sharing art with others. If you don't have anyone interested in teaching the class, maybe you can find a teacher to donate their time. We will be providing a fun enviroment with wine and food for our over 21 residents to come in, create a painting (with instruction from the art teachers) and take their painting home with them. The painting is at a beginner level so that everyone (even those who aren't art-savvy) can have something to be proud of. All you need to host this event is lots of inexpensive acrylic paint, paper bowls (for mixing colors and washing brushes), inexpensive paint brushes,...
Resident Appreciation Week
We held a week long event at varies times of the day so that all residents could attend one day or the other. This was our biggest turnout yet! Sundae Sunday; Resident were treated by staff making sundaes for residents with their choice of toppings Monday Bag Lunch; During the lunch hour resident could stop by to pick up a bag lunch filled with a sub sandwich, chips, fruit and drink. Tuesday Breakfast on the go; Beginning at 6am staff members stood outside at the driveway exit and handed breakfast bags filled with muffins, coffee, juice, fruit and breakfast bar to residents heading out to start their day. Wednesday Treat Day; Each apartment door had freshly baked cookies with a handwritten thank you note, in a bag hanging on their door. Thursday Resident Appreciation Dinner; Residents were treated to a catered dinner along with drawing for several prizes. ...
Cooking Classes!
Talk about reaching out to all women! The single that want to impress their significant and the moms looking for the quick meals! This is a hit and you can do it as small or as large as you want. Hire a professional, contact your local Cooking or Culinary School - they are always looking for audiences to place their students in front of, or just have a resident prepare their favorite dinner each week/month. If full plates aren't possible for all guests, just a taste will do! Bon Appetit!
Waffles Under the Stars
August 24th is National Waffle Day! The "holiday" marks the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron, which Cornelius Swarthout received on August 24, 1869. Why not celebrate with breakfast for dinner? This event can be executed any day of the year - why wait for August? This event can be made as simple or fancy as you wish. Have fun with it and watch your residents flock to breakfast for dinner!
The children and adults in the community go on a hayride singing Christmas Carols while other adults go to the porches and collect canned items that the residents have put out for the hungry. The hayride stops at predetermined houses for hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. All the food collected is given to our local food bank. The kids love it and it gets everybody in the mood for giving.
Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival
My inspiration comes from the Denver Chalk Art Festival. ( Contact your local High School and college art department. Have local businesses donate prizes for the contest. Have an area set up for the HS artists and another area for colleges artist. Set up a special area for the residents of your community~~especially a children’s area!! This will get folks to travel all over your property. Have residents volunteer to help as community ambassadors and show folks around. Find someone with a Hot Dog Cart that can go through out the community. In the club house have light refreshments for your guests. Call the newspaper and TV stations. Pictures and free air time is always a plus. Supply sidewalk chalk for the kids on your property. Give away chalk boards and chalk to prospects~~of course they will be customized to your...
Cheeseburger In Paradise!
We recently celebrated our pool opening with a "Cheeseburger In Paradise" party for our residents. Jimmy Buffett music was played while we served a beautiful cheeseburger bar with an array of toppings. We even had a fresh french fries served out of our deep fryer. The residents dressed in luau attire and we supplied them with leis and flowers for their hair. It was a great turn out and the residents thoroughly enjoyed it. :)
Pets, Vets, and Pizza
The main portion of this event was shared to me by Dan Cary, and I have added things where I thought would be interesting! This is not eligible for the Best Resident Events contest. If you drive around your neighborhood, you will realize that almost every store/restaurant/etc in the area wants your residents as customers. Therefore, you can create some great partnership marketing situations by having them provide free services/products in order for some direct marketing exposure! For example, you accept pets at your property, and the local vet would love to have them as “patients”. So have the vet come in for free exams at your property, which gives a valuable service to your residents, plus it gives a great social opportunity as well, as they congregate in your clubhouse! Add some pizza and you have an inexpensive social gathering of people with...
Hawaiian themed luau party extravaganza! 21 ft Slip n Slide, Dunk Tank, AND a Mechanical Surfboard! Snow cones, virgin pina coloda's, and free food were offered as well! Music for the even was provided and the limbo was a huge hit!
496 apartment parties - showing 321 - 330 « 1 ... 30 31 32 33 34 35 ... 36 50 »