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The Renaissance Apartments would LOVE to host a pool party for our residents. This would definitely be great to fund it!
Love Share Function,ABC Dental Function,Easter Egg Function,Christmas Function,Crime Prevention Function
We try to have functions every month for our residents.Our Christmas function we gave out presents and took and our residents children took pictures with Santa.Love Share Function was a church that came out and gave school supply's to our residents plus they had face painting,moomwalk,popcorn, and picture's with costumes.ABC Dental function we had a dentist that came out to our property and offered free dental screening to our residents they supply free dental goody bags, and moonwalk and food. Crime Prevention function we had a officer come out to the property and he offered information on crime prevention we supply the snacks. Easter Function we gave out 1,000 eggs and food plus we had ABC Dental also come out and give out McDonal coupons and they also raffled off some easter baskets and bicycles to the residents.We also have our Annual Garage Sale that we have once a year...
West 27th Luau
WEst 27th hosted a huge luau. we have a very large budget so we rented a mechanical slide, 21' water slide, margarita machine, dunk tank and a food truck. we paid for 100 meals for our future residents and prospective residents. it was a huge success and brought us 3 leases that day!
Basically instead of the "drive in" this would be the "dive-in". An outdoor movie played pool side. Residents would receive free soda, popcorn and candy. Pool furniture would be available for seating preferences as well as the residents bringing their own blankets. This could be a monthly event during summer and could be a theme if needed. For indoor usage during the cold months just bring the projector inside on a solid colored wall in the clubhouse.
nice little summer social, summer finder foods, small crafty things for the kids to do bubbles, make pin wheel, wading pool to slip off the flip flops and soak hot feet in cold water.
Holiday Event
Everyone wants to celebrate the holiday season with a real Christmas tree but let’s face it, sometimes for those that live in an apartment, this can be hard…. For the last two Decembers we have hosted a Holiday Event! We work with a local nursery to provide us with Real Christmas trees, and wreaths. They deliver and we display on our basketball court to sell to our residents. To make it even easier for our residents, we also sell Christmas stands and lights for them to purchase. If a resident selects a tree for their family – no hassle, our maintenance delivers it to their home and assists them with carrying it in and making sure it is all set up in the tree stand before leaving. That’s not all – Holidays aren’t final unless Santa comes to visit! Throughout the afternoon we provide crafts for the kids to...
Memorial Wall
For Memorial Day we chose to honor those who are or have served in the arm forces. We prepared a picture wall of the residents loved ones. Starting on May 1st we have a candle lit during the day to honor each one of arm forces individuals and on Memorial Day we are having a coffee, where the residents can tell about the individual that is on the wall.
After years of soliciting feedback from residents following work that our maintenance team has provided inside their apartment homes, we decided that it would be appropriate to pull out a completed "Rate Your Maintenance" card out every month and find which maintenance team member's name is written on the card. The name is then the recipient of a gift card. By doing this, it has helped to boost morale on the team and encourage maintenance to do their part in ensuring residents continue to return Rate Your Maintenance cards back to the office. It is win-win-win, all the way around!
Have your residents 'decorate' their pets for Halloween and bring them to a Pet Social where you can give away pet toys for the best 'decorated'. Simple but by calling it a decorating contest some will paint their animals or put bells and whistles on them and it is a bit more entertaining than just a costume contest!! Have fun!!
If You Build It... It Has To Stand
This Team Building game allows you to see who the leaders of a group are, allows for discussion about the importance of clear communication, clear instruction and 'thinking out of the box'. Great for office staff and maintenance, as well as multiple sites or multiple managers. You'll need enough people to make teams - suggest min. of 6 people to have 2 teams of 3. This activity works for groups from 6 -- 100. Materials Needed: Enough straws so that each team has about 100 each - typically purchase 1 bag per group. Facilitator gives instructions: "You are to build the tallest free standing structure without talking using the straws provided - BEGIN - you have 10 minutes and the structure must stand for 30 seconds." Observe the groups and make notes about who emerges as the natural leaders, who goes...
479 apartment parties - showing 321 - 330 « 1 ... 30 31 32 33 34 35 ... 36 48 »