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Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival
My inspiration comes from the Denver Chalk Art Festival. ( Contact your local High School and college art department. Have local businesses donate prizes for the contest. Have an area set up for the HS artists and another area for colleges artist. Set up a special area for the residents of your community~~especially a children’s area!! This will get folks to travel all over your property. Have residents volunteer to help as community ambassadors and show folks around. Find someone with a Hot Dog Cart that can go through out the community. In the club house have light refreshments for your guests. Call the newspaper and TV stations. Pictures and free air time is always a plus. Supply sidewalk chalk for the kids on your property. Give away chalk boards and chalk to prospects~~of course they will be customized to your...
Cheeseburger In Paradise!
We recently celebrated our pool opening with a "Cheeseburger In Paradise" party for our residents. Jimmy Buffett music was played while we served a beautiful cheeseburger bar with an array of toppings. We even had a fresh french fries served out of our deep fryer. The residents dressed in luau attire and we supplied them with leis and flowers for their hair. It was a great turn out and the residents thoroughly enjoyed it. :)
Pets, Vets, and Pizza
The main portion of this event was shared to me by Dan Cary, and I have added things where I thought would be interesting! This is not eligible for the Best Resident Events contest. If you drive around your neighborhood, you will realize that almost every store/restaurant/etc in the area wants your residents as customers. Therefore, you can create some great partnership marketing situations by having them provide free services/products in order for some direct marketing exposure! For example, you accept pets at your property, and the local vet would love to have them as “patients”. So have the vet come in for free exams at your property, which gives a valuable service to your residents, plus it gives a great social opportunity as well, as they congregate in your clubhouse! Add some pizza and you have an inexpensive social gathering of people with...
Hawaiian themed luau party extravaganza! 21 ft Slip n Slide, Dunk Tank, AND a Mechanical Surfboard! Snow cones, virgin pina coloda's, and free food were offered as well! Music for the even was provided and the limbo was a huge hit!
Just an idea. . . I am a manager/social coordinator for a senior subsidized housing project. Generally when we have parties the big question is which table to sit at so we can go to the buffet line first. So I try to come up with creative ways to call different tables up to the line first to be fair. Some ideas I've used in the past are. . . I would ask for a show of hands from the entire room as to who has a birthday in the room that coincides with the month the party is held in. If my event is in May then which ever table had the most May birthday's would go to the buffet table first. Then I would pick another month and let those folks go next etc. etc. A second idea is having your centerpieces...
Battle of the Hairstylists
The Battle of the Hairstylists event can take place anytime of the year. However, because this event was planned in December for the Pullman Point Housing Community, we added the "Holiday Hair" theme to the event. It was known at Pullman that there were several residents who were in the underground hairstyling industry. Meaning there were unlicensed paraprofessionals who styled hair as a side job. The Battle of the Hairstylists was an opportunity for the residents who are skilled in hair styling to show off their talent and gain more recognition in their community. Maybe even encourage them to pursue licensing. Other residents also had the opportunity to volunteer to be one of the clients/models to get their hair done in the event by one of the stylist. Pullman’s event took place Friday, December 10, 2010 in one of our large activity rooms inside our leasing office and community...
We have sponsored graduation at a local school. We have provided graduation pins for the students with their year of graduation on the pin. We have signage showing our sponsorship and everyone attending sees our community name. The students are proud to show off their pins.
Polar Express Pajama Party
Together our team put on a Polar Express Pajama Party. As you approached the doors to our clubhouse we created railroad tracks using black electric tape and we put up lights all around our doorway to create a magicial look. When you walked inside you were greeted by our Groundskeeper dressed as a train attendant. He handed every person a ticket when they walked through the door. Our entryway had a large train made out of heavyweight paper and glue. Using 250 cotton balls we stuck tape on the back of them and put them all over to create a snowy effect. Lastly we added tons of snowflakes, trains, and other small paper decorations around the clubhouse. When you walked in, we had all of our furniture set up like movie theater seating and then we pulled our two large rugs for the kids to put their pillows and...
Christmas Bingo- This is where the residents and staff each bring a gift $5-$10 Adults bring adult gifts and children bring a child's gift. We provide 10 small jewelry boxes that no one knows what's in them and you can pick one of those or pick a gift that is under the tree when you bingo. You never know what is in the boxes but there will be 1 or 2 nice items in 2 boxes. Also we do a cakewalk in the clubroom for Halloween every one brings something for the cake walk and it does not have to be a food item.
Everyone knows that July is usually a pretty hot month, especially in Miami. The idea of the "Summer Splash Party" is to not only give our residents something to look forward to, but to entertain the children of our community. This party would include renting bounce houses, inflatable water slides, water guns, and ready access to a hose. The splash will be located outside of our clubhouse, but inside of our air conditioned clubhouse we will have a dj and finger foods available for adults; this gives them the opportunity to socialize with eachother. Outside we will have the grill cooking hotdogs and hamburgers. We will also rent snow cone machines and have plenty of refreshments to keep the kids well hydrated.
490 apartment parties - showing 321 - 330 « 1 ... 30 31 32 33 34 35 ... 36 49 »