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Blankets of Hope
Our residents in a senior low income housing project got together and make blankets for the soldiers in Iraq. Many of them were or had relatives in WWII or Korea so it was especially poignant for them to give to the next generation of American heroes. Fantastic event.
Come join your neighbors on the 4th of July in celebrating our freedom! Have fun in the freedom of barbecueing all day and dressing in red, white and blue. Prizes for the best dressed Uncle Sam costume! Have fun singing off key american songs while we parade around the complex. Plenty of games for tenants of all ages. Softball game at 3:30 for anyone that wants to play. Patriotic dessert contest at 5:00. Parade at 7:00. Fireworks show at 10:00.
This party is especially popular at low-income or affordable properties. We provided finger food snacks (chips, cookies, soda etc.) and our give-aways were a bundle of school supplies for every child. We gave everyone 3 spiral notebooks, folders color coded according to the local school list, a pencil bag with scissors, glue, pens, pencils, erasers and a ruler. The great thing about this party is all those items can be property customizable through a company like peachtree. These items are also very inexpensive when bought in bulk. We had games such as the adult vs. kid spelling bee and trivia from "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" game (but any history/science questions would suffice). We raffled off several quality back packs and locker accessories kits. This was our most popular party of the year. We had everyone sign-up ahead of time...
My idea is for a summer BBQ luau and bon fire. The event would be catered by a top rated BBQ catering company. Authenic Hawaiian pig roast, grass skirts, coconut bras, hawaiian shirts, roasting marshmallows by the fire for smores, great music and karaoke and to top off the festivities a open tiki bar with a mix of hawaaian inspired drinks and beer. There would be games and a photo booth as well to commemorate the day!
National Night Out
National Night Out is people working together in our community to prevent and address crime, drug, and other neighborhood problems that the community maybe facing. It's going to be an occasion to celebrate past success, discuss current challanges or issues, and re-dedicate to collaborative efforts with neighbors, police, business and others to improve the quality of life in our city. Main goal to promote increase involment of youth with their neighbors,promote crime prevention, and increase ways that the community can protect themselves, and their property.
This would be an all day event to show appreciation for our residents. There's a huge tennis community here so we're going to do a tournament, free lessons with prizes like tennis supplies and ice cream. Simultaneously, throughout the day we'll have the bbq's going serving food for the residents, picnic/bbq fare. We will also have smaller games such as a sand volleyball tournament, etc and possibly movies going in our clubhouse. As darkness nears we'll gather all of our residents in different areas of the property to view the fireworks that are set off in our community. Thousands of people descend upon our area for the fireworks and after a certain point of time you cannot enter or leave our street as it is closed off by the police. This is a great alternative for our residents so they do not have to...
Malone Manor will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary and RHF (our mother company) will be celebrating they're 50th so we are holding a party to celebrate. city, state and CEO's from the company will be attending. We are allowed to use donations only, no operating funds will be allowed. this would reallybenifit us.
My idea for " The Summer Splash " starts with music from the tropics, specially the Caribbean. Will use a steel band for music ( Their is an American man that does this music, here in Salisbury ). Decoration will be tropical of cause and food from different countries in the tropics. We will need someone to motivate everyone to dance and have fun.
"Tea Party"
A favorite event would be a "Tea Party". First you need to post a big atractive sign at the Leasing office lobby so your prospects can read about it, also post small signs by the community mail boxes, the gym and include a reminder in your monthly news letter, the event can be conducted inside the club house during the summer and you can incorporate the club house patio (outdoors) if the weather is nice and cold. You can get donations from your nearby Publix supermarket (they love doing marketing exchange, ask them for coupons for your new move ins welcome package) Publix can donate petite-deserts, cakes, sugar, sweet and low, disposable utensils, napkings and absorted boxes of tea bags, etc... you can ask your manager for petty cash money and you can also allow residents to share their own home made cookies and cup cakes if they wish...
Scavenger HUNT
My community is centered around our university and I have always had the idea to get our community more involved in the larger community. My residents are majority graduate students that take their studies very seriously. The majority of my residents are always considered part-time residents of Ohio as they only live here during the school year and go home so many of them do not take advantage of everything our city has to offer. I had always planned on doing a scavenger hunt around the city partnering with other businesses and apartment communities to compete against one another. We would market the scavenger hunt in all places which would get your name out there and help the other businesses as well. Each business would contribute something towards the grand prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize... be it gift cards, tshirts, cups, food... etc. Then after the scavenger hunt...
505 apartment parties - showing 321 - 330 « 1 ... 30 31 32 33 34 35 ... 36 51 »