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Seasonal Events

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Fall Decorating Contest
We announce to our residents via flyers and on facebook about our community Fall Decorating Contest and when they will be judged. Residents then have the chance to decorate either their patio or balcony before the judges tour the property. Once the winners are picked, we contact them via phone and then announce the winners in our quarterly newsletter and on facebook. We award prizes to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place homes. Prizes range from $50 gift card for the 1st place to $15 gift card for 3rd place.
NFL Kick-Off Party!
I may have posted this in the wrong category but the start of the football season IS a Holiday Event! So get out your team colors and throw a party for September 11th--kick-off day! Have employees and guests wear their team colors in support of their favorite NFL team. And what would a football party be without snacks! Chex Mix, Lil' Smokies, crackers, (beer?), and all the other finger foods that have become a football tradition! Good luck to you and your team!
Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
Every year we have a "Pumpking Carving Contest" for the children in our complex. We decorate an area, set up display tables and have cookies and punch. We have 3 judges (adult residents) they wear our festive witch hats and some wear spooky capes! Children get to carve their pumpkins and decorate them however they want. We have 3 age groups for the winning carvers and the winners are given a toy that is age appropiate. All contestants recieve a goodie bag!The kids love it and ask every year if we are going to have the contest. Of course we do! If you have a lot of kids in your complex this is a great way to welcome the newbies and let the kids know how great they are!
Every year we celebrate the 4th of July with our General Manager outside grilling burgers and hot dogs. Our tenants are all invited to come and socialize. They take it upon themselves to bring goodies such as deviled eggs, baked goods or whatever they want to share. The only thing required is the friendhip of all who attend. Those tenants who are elderly or unable to make it to the building where the rental office is can call and we deliver take out lunches. n It is a good time had by all. In addition at Christmas we invite all the tenants to help us decorate our live trees for the lobbies. We provide cookis and juice and some have even brought additional decorations to add to the trees. Our complex is very family oriented and it is our belief that this has...
The Halloween Neighborhood Bazaar is similar to a Fall Festival. We host this every year the week before Halloween, and we have an amazing turnout. We have 264 apartments and usually over 300 people and 50 pets attend the event each year. We encourage everyone to attend in costume, including the residents' pets. At the beginning of the evening, we host a costume parade for all the residents and pets that arrive in costume. At the end of the parade, we hand out goodie bags filled with candy and toys for all the children and goodie bags stocked with treats and squeaky toys for all the pets. The main part of the bazaar is hosted by the residents, which is great, because it saves us lots of time and money. Residents compete for a large prize (usually a rent concession or gift card), and...
Polar Express Pajama Party
Together our team put on a Polar Express Pajama Party. As you approached the doors to our clubhouse we created railroad tracks using black electric tape and we put up lights all around our doorway to create a magicial look. When you walked inside you were greeted by our Groundskeeper dressed as a train attendant. He handed every person a ticket when they walked through the door. Our entryway had a large train made out of heavyweight paper and glue. Using 250 cotton balls we stuck tape on the back of them and put them all over to create a snowy effect. Lastly we added tons of snowflakes, trains, and other small paper decorations around the clubhouse. When you walked in, we had all of our furniture set up like movie theater seating and then we pulled our two large rugs for the kids to put their pillows and...
Christmas Bingo- This is where the residents and staff each bring a gift $5-$10 Adults bring adult gifts and children bring a child's gift. We provide 10 small jewelry boxes that no one knows what's in them and you can pick one of those or pick a gift that is under the tree when you bingo. You never know what is in the boxes but there will be 1 or 2 nice items in 2 boxes. Also we do a cakewalk in the clubroom for Halloween every one brings something for the cake walk and it does not have to be a food item.
Holiday Event
Everyone wants to celebrate the holiday season with a real Christmas tree but let’s face it, sometimes for those that live in an apartment, this can be hard…. For the last two Decembers we have hosted a Holiday Event! We work with a local nursery to provide us with Real Christmas trees, and wreaths. They deliver and we display on our basketball court to sell to our residents. To make it even easier for our residents, we also sell Christmas stands and lights for them to purchase. If a resident selects a tree for their family – no hassle, our maintenance delivers it to their home and assists them with carrying it in and making sure it is all set up in the tree stand before leaving. That’s not all – Holidays aren’t final unless Santa comes to visit! Throughout the afternoon we provide crafts for the kids to...
Have your residents 'decorate' their pets for Halloween and bring them to a Pet Social where you can give away pet toys for the best 'decorated'. Simple but by calling it a decorating contest some will paint their animals or put bells and whistles on them and it is a bit more entertaining than just a costume contest!! Have fun!!
Tacky Tie Father's Day Golf
(This event was created by Resident Events and is not eligible to win the Best Resident Event Contest, no matter how awesome it might be… ) Tacky Ties Father’s Day Golf Tournament: Nearly every Father has received at least one tacky tie for Father’s day. For Father’s Day this year, turn those tacky ties into a great day of golf. Have all of the dad’s turn in those ties for a discount on registration for a community golf tournament. Contact your local Golf Course and try to negotiate a discount for a large group and invite your resident families and kids out for a day of Golf in celebration of Father’s Day. After the tournament invite everyone to an outdoor area of the Club House for Cigars and drinks to toast the awesome Dads in your community....
103 apartment parties - showing 61 - 70 « 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 10 11 »