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Seasonal Events

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Pot Luck Dinner
Keeo The Holidays Going Pot Luck Dinner. (See Invitation)
Spring Fling
The Spring Fling Party should be held outside by the pool, tennis courts, or any open outdoor space. Serve chili dogs straight from the grill with lemonade to put everyone in that spring has sprung mood. Set Up: Prior to the event choose 9 or 18 targets across the complex that you will have the residents travel through. Mark these targets with balloons so they are easy to see from the prior target. Also, create score cards so you can see who got the best score. For added competition, figure out PAR numbers for what it "should" take to get there. Game Play: Begin in the clubhouse and have people break into groups of 4 to 6. Send out groups in waves with 5 minute intervals. Players will then take turns throwing their frisbees trying to hit the targets in as few throws as...
White Elephant community Party
I think this type of party would be fantastic for a community! They are really simple to set up and most people who have them place a reasonable price limit on the gifts. Here’s a couple of other ideas for your gift rules: Re-gift—Everyone must bring a gift they would like to get rid of. This is a great idea if you want to have your party AFTER the Holidays. Something from your home- Have everyone bring something they already own but just don’t want anymore. Price limits – ranging from $5-$20 Gag gifts only – this might be my favorite! I would suggest serving snacks, holiday cookies, and finger foods. Here is a great resource for all the rules on a White Elephant Party to help with planning. ...
The residents thought htis was going to be the traditionary cut and dry Thanksgiving like every year. Ha Ha we fooled them. We had several volunteers dressed as Revolutionary soldiers and we also had a prositute. We served the meal they would have had back at that time. With cranberry bread, turkey on the spit, corn on the cob, potatoes and pumpkin/apple pie. While the residents ate, the servers described there life during Thanksgiving, away from their families. We also heard how busy the prositute was and how she hoped she would make it through the holidays. It was great fun watching everyone listen to the actor while they did their story. It was great fun and the residents have asked for them to come again.
Since we normally have a big holiday party in December close to Christmas time, we usually use November as a time of giving back to the community. We take this time to remember those less fortunate and to give thanks for what we have. Therefore, we have a Food Drive for our local Salvation Army and we set up a large blue bin in our leasing office to collect non-perishable food items throughout the month. In addition, we share reasons we are thankful on our website, in blogs, and on our Facebook status and encourage our community to do the same. It brings a sense of comradery to our residents.
Everyone loves a costume party, even creatures of the four-legged variety. Halloween can be just as much fun for pets as it is for people, and having a pet costume party will allow you to mingle with other pet lovers and give your favorite furry friend a night to remember! Most likely, your four-legged friends will bring their owners to the party. There are tons of fun games for people to play at a pet costume party while the hounds are having fun. Prizes for Best Costumes: Your guests have put a lot of time and effort into their pet's costumes. Reward them by giving away prizes for the best and most original costumes. You might also give a prize for the best pet/person costume combination, weirdest costume idea or best behaved animal. Doggie Bags: Take-home goody bags are a fun way to thank your guests for...
We do on average 3-4 events each month, however, one of my favorite events is our annual Pot-Luck Thanksgiving Dinner. We provide the turkeys, a ham, rolls and tea and the residents bring side dishes or desserts. It's a very relaxed evening where the staff and residents can just sit, relax, eat dinner and gear up for the holidays. We normally end the evening by everyone who attended helping to decorate the XMas Tree in the clubhouse and listening to XMas music.
We are having a Fall Potluck (named for religious purposes to not offend any one resident on our community). On November 18th we are having a Potluck. & We are providing all the big stuff: Turkey, Ham, Utensils, Music, Fun, Drinks and More Fun. & having a Potluck since it was a few of our residents ideas. & the one who brings the most interesting dish/appetizer/dessert will be judged for a prize or FREE rent... Potluck is divided by the initial of the last name. & a winner will be provided by each category. Most importantly, its a time for rest and mingling. to meet your neighbors. We will also have a coloring contest of a turkey for the kiddos. So a little kiddie event too. with a little story of Thanksgiving - The Real Pilgrim style from back in the day. Where it...
Wrapping Station
We are setting up a wrapping station for the month of December. Residents can come in to wrap their gifts and all supplies will be supplied. We have wrapping paper, tags, tape, ribbons and boxes.
We are trying to implement this for this year. As a LIHTC community many of our residents are lower income families. I have solicited participation from local businesses and non-profits to offer Thanksgiving Day meal baskets for each of out families. It will include a turkey, and supplies to make stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetable, rolls and a pie. It is our way to give thanks to our residents and hopefully earn their thanks as well.
104 apartment parties - showing 31 - 40 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 11 »