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Seasonal Events

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Cinco de Mayo Brunch
We were looking for a fun and easy Cinco de Mayo party idea this year and decided to go simple with a brunch. We contacted a local Mexican restaurant and had them cater. We mad a big batch of sangria and invited our residents to the party. We kept the decorations simple. Red/White/Green plates, napkins and tablecloths, a few pinatas from Party City and a sombrero or two for fun pictures of our residents. It was fun (and delicious).
Mothers Day Pottery Party
Invite a local pottery store to advertise to your community and cross-market at this resident event! Host outdoors picnic area or indoors. Pottery store will give you some free and or reduced priced unfinished large coffee cups or small plates for the kids to choose. Ask the Pottery Store to supply paint or again reduced the paint required for art on these ceramic pieces. Add a small pizza party in honor of the special lady who is parenting them. Whether Mom, Step-mom , Grandma or Aunts include resident children in this heart warming activity. The pottery place offers to fire and delivery completed art back to your office within a week for children to pickup their special gift in time for Mothers Day! Also works for Fathers Day and Grandparents Day!
Easter Party
The traditional symbols of the Easter holiday — fluffy bunnies, baby chicks, brightly decorated eggs and Easter baskets — make for great decorations for your Easter party. Fill pastel-colored baskets with artificial grass and chocolate eggs to make colorful centerpieces, and put out bowls of dyed hard-boiled eggs to liven up both the buffet table and the décor. If you're planning a child's Easter party, use plush stuffed rabbits and chicks to serve as both decorations and party favors, and go to a party-supply store for bunny-shaped helium balloons to decorate your mailbox or add to the festivities. The spring season means that there are lots of natural decorations available, so pick some flowers from your garden or the nearest flower shop and put them in pastel-colored vases. Look for tulips and daffodils, which are in season around this time, but any spring flowers in...
Harvest Dinner
Our Thanksgiving was held one week before Thanksgiving. I arranged for an area restaurant to caterer. We set up our community room as a restaurant with linen table cloths, napkins, nice dishes and glassware. The tables had beautiful lighted laterns with grens and log pieces tha the tenants made. For a surprise we had a harp player play during our meal. Also during coffee and pie. We even sang grace. It was a great evening with friends.
A Very Merry Pinterest Christmas
As continues to explode in popularity, provide an opportunity for your residents to exchange new recipes and learn to make something crafty for their front door. Guests are encouraged to try a new recipe and bring a copy for their fellow guests. Event organizers can take the completed recipe cards and photocopy them so that every resident leaves with a new collection of recipes, and you can make color print-outs of blank cards so that residents can have the opportunity to copy down recipes onto custom cards once they return home. Set up a wreath-making station and walk guests through the steps to make their own wreath. If you’re crafty, provide more than one option and let them add their own unique flair to the design. Encourage guests to decorate their front doors with the wreaths during the month of December. All supplies...
Face Swap Group Pictures
This is just a silly spin-off of having a photographer come in for family/group portraits of your residents, where you find someone who knows how to use photoshop effectively to swap the heads or faces of the people in the picture.  We guarantee that this will get a laugh almost every time, and will be a great conversational piece for your residents to share with their friends! This could technically be done for any group picture, but we thought it made most sense for holiday group photos you coordinate at your community. (Also considering framing a copy and posting it in the community clubhouse!  What a great way to showcase your residents and your community to prospects in a fun way.)
Clean Out Your Trunk or Treat!
Offer your residents an opportunity to stretch their budget and recycle old Halloween costumes through a costume exchange party. This event is perfect for residents of all ages and will provide a unique pre-Halloween event that won’t conflict with their already scheduled Halloween parties.  
Every year we have a Champagne Brunch for our residents. Breakfast is cooked by the staff and served with Champagne. This is a great way to spoil your residents. Food that was provided: eggs, pancakes, toast, bagels, muffins, fruit and more. Drinks included: Champagne, OJ, Mike, Apple Juice and more.
Bake Off
Every year around Thanksgiving we have a Bake Off. Residents will bring in the best baked goods. Everyone will taste everyone elses Baked Goods. Who every is voted to have the best bake food, wins a new stove for their apartment. This is a great way to learn desserts for the biggest fest of the year.
Space and aliens would be the theme of the party. Residents would come dressed up as a planet, an alien or their favorite space themed Sci-Fiction character. All the food, and decoration would have alien and planetary theme, including alien beef jerky from the Alien Fresh Jerky store in Baker, CA.
104 apartment parties - showing 11 - 20 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 11 »