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    Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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    Resident Events
    Written by Resident Events  On  June 06, 2016   579   0
    Spice Up the Entry To Your Resident Event!
    Sometimes we find event ideas that will most likely be filed away in the "probably not realistic, but still a fun idea" category, but they look so fun that we hope that someone will be brave enough to try it out! Marc Lancaster shared this video, and we thought it would be a memorable addition to a resident event! While we definitely wouldn't want to use the boiling water option for safety reasons, the effect is really neat, and would be a perfect for a Halloween party! A resident event's effectiveness is often limited to how memorable it is, and this definitely would get your residents talking! The only question we don't know is how long the effect lasts. Note: While using only hot water (not boiling), we don't think that there are any safety concerns exactly, but we...
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    Resident Events
    Written by Resident Events  On  October 22, 2015   1024   0
    Pumpkin-Palooza (Pumpkin Bowling and Pumpkin Cook-Off/Bake-off)
    Immediately after Halloween, stores are stuck with hundreds of unsold pumpkins that they are dying to get rid of. Fortunately, we have a great resident event for some post-Halloween pumpkin fun! So drop by the local farmer's market or pumpkin patch and purchase a load of pumpkins of various sizes for dirt cheap. Pumpkin Bowling Bowling with nice round bowling balls is much too easy, right? Pumpkin Bowling is a fun spin-off that your residents will love. All you have to do is find some kids’ toy bowling game with plastic pins, and set up several “lanes” of bowling either in the clubhouse or outside if the weather permits or there is enough room. Make it fun by having various sizes of pumpkins (sometimes the “ugly” ones too) that the residents can choose from to bowl with and...
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    Resident Events
    Written by Resident Events  On  October 12, 2015   1126   0
    Halloween Trunk or Treat Block Party and Costume Parade
    Halloween is just around the corner, and it is a great time to create a fun experience for the kids of the community! Communities can section off a parking area where residents can pull up and participate in a Trunk or Treat contest where they are encouraged to use their creativity to decorate their trunks/tailgates and win a prize for the best trunk. Usually the participants will bring candy and goodies to hand out to “visitors” same as they would for trick or treating. The trunk or treat should last about an hour to an hour and a half depending on participation. Some ideas: The costume parade would occur immediately after the winner of the best trunk is announced—kids AND PETS should be strongly encouraged to participate. Property employees should round...
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    Resident Events
    Written by Resident Events  On  October 21, 2013   1345   1
    Halloween Decorating Idea:  Glowing Eyes!
    This is an incredibly easy way to add a little spookiness at your community!  Here is how you do it: Take old toilet paper rolls and cut eyes in them. Take a glow stick (often found in dollar stores), and wrap it in wax paper, and put it in the toilet paper roll.  (The wax paper diffuses the light for a better effect) Duct tape the ends so that light doesn’t leak out and ruin the effect. That’s it!  Strategically place them in the bushes for creepy lit-up eyes during Halloween!
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    Apartment Life
    Written by Apartment Life  On  October 15, 2012   1672   1
    Clean Out Your Trunk or Treat!
    Offer your residents an opportunity to stretch their budget and recycle old Halloween costumes through a costume exchange party. This event is perfect for residents of all ages and will provide a unique pre-Halloween event that won’t conflict with their already scheduled Halloween parties.  
    19 apartment party results - showing 1 - 5  
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