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Halloween Decorating Idea:  Glowing Eyes!
This is an incredibly easy way to add a little spookiness at your community!  Here is how you do it: Take old toilet paper rolls and cut eyes in them. Take a glow stick (often found in dollar stores), and wrap it in wax paper, and put it in the toilet paper roll.  (The wax paper diffuses the light for a better effect) Duct tape the ends so that light doesn’t leak out and ruin the effect. That’s it!  Strategically place them in the bushes for creepy lit-up eyes during Halloween!
Clean Out Your Trunk or Treat!
Offer your residents an opportunity to stretch their budget and recycle old Halloween costumes through a costume exchange party. This event is perfect for residents of all ages and will provide a unique pre-Halloween event that won’t conflict with their already scheduled Halloween parties.  
Space and aliens would be the theme of the party. Residents would come dressed up as a planet, an alien or their favorite space themed Sci-Fiction character. All the food, and decoration would have alien and planetary theme, including alien beef jerky from the Alien Fresh Jerky store in Baker, CA.
Everyone loves a costume party, even creatures of the four-legged variety. Halloween can be just as much fun for pets as it is for people, and having a pet costume party will allow you to mingle with other pet lovers and give your favorite furry friend a night to remember! Most likely, your four-legged friends will bring their owners to the party. There are tons of fun games for people to play at a pet costume party while the hounds are having fun. Prizes for Best Costumes: Your guests have put a lot of time and effort into their pet's costumes. Reward them by giving away prizes for the best and most original costumes. You might also give a prize for the best pet/person costume combination, weirdest costume idea or best behaved animal. Doggie Bags: Take-home goody bags are a fun way to thank your guests for...
We are having a Halloween Party at The Landing this Saturday with a pumpkin carving contest, food, candy, games, and following it all up with a community hayride! The pumpkin carving contest has already started and residents are asked to bring in their pumpkins prior to the party so that we can have anyone that comes in the office vote on their favorite. Candy and games will be provided by the office staff and food will be a potluck of sorts with the majority brought in by residents. I've asked our landscaping company to let us borrow a wagon for a memorable hayride immediately following our party. I've also asked residents to sign up to hand out candy during the community hayride. We are very excited about this event and hope to make it a yearly tradition!
16 apartment parties - showing 1 - 5 1 2 3 4