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Apartment Community Events Recurring Events National Checkers Day Sept. 23

National Checkers Day Sept. 23 National Checkers Day Sept. 23 Hot

National Checkers Day Sept. 23

September 23rd is Checkers Day. So what do you want to be? Red or Black?

You'll need lots of checkers boards, Tables, Drinks, Prizes, and some Judges.

This day is known as Checkers Day because during a speech to the American people, Richard Nixon mentioned that his daughters were given a dog and they’d named it “Checkers”. In order to celebrate “Checkers Day” have your community hold a Checkers Tournament, and (if you really want to be fancy) have the participants dress up as their favorite controversial political/public figure! You can hold all kinds of small contests throughout the day with this event. For example, how about the Rock Paper Scissor’s Championship; or maybe you can couple this with a your Hot Dog with your Hot Dog celebration.

Don’t forget the prizes! Exaggerated trophies for the winners and door prizes for your observers!

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