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Father's Day

Father’s Day BBQ Rub and Marinade Meet-Up
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Father’s Day BBQ Rub and Marinade Meet-Up Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 10, 2018   718   0
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Father’s Day BBQ Rub and Marinade Meet-Up

Ever wanted to know what goes into those magical sauces and secret rubs? Well, now you can swap recipes!

Invite all the dads in your community for a hands-on grilling and marinade meet-up. All men who love to cook can mix up some sauces and spice mixes from scratch to create their own signature sauce style!


Making the Marinades


The goal of this event is to get men making their own healthy marinade and sauce recipes. Fathers can use fresh, in-season, ingredients like fruits, herbs, and spices - instead of bottles of sauces and marinades from the store.


You can enlist the help of a local chef, or try any of these five must-learn recipes for a super starter marinade list.

Grill Party


After marinating your meat overnight, considering having a grill party the next afternoon or evening for some added entertainment and fun!


Host a Grill and Chill party or cookout as a bonus get-together part of this event! Check out our grilling tips for tailgating parties and the Grilling Party Steak Edition community event for more ideas.





Image source: Pixabay


Every grill party is in need of BBQ sides. Have dads bring their best side dishes and condiments to share - and don't forget to write down the recipes!


Recipe Exchange


As part of this community event, keep lots of traditional recipe cards handy for dads to swap secret recipes! You can print some simple and free recipe cards, or purchase a few packs of rugged, water-resistant recipe cards to make the event more fun for dads!



Image source: Pixabay (meat on skewers)


A recipe exchange is great for learning new marinade and sauce secrets. But they can also be used to swap recipes for the salsas, dips, and other side dishes the dads bring to this Father’s Day event.


With some planning and prep (and some salt bae flair) this event is sure to be a hit with all the men in your community! Now, go grill up a storm!




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