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    Apartment Marketing

    Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month - A Toastmasters Tie-In
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    Brent Williams  

    Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month - A Toastmasters Tie-In Hot

    Written by Brent Williams On  June 29, 2011   2456   0
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    Have you ever gotten social anxiety, where your brain freezes up when trying to talk with others? Maybe not, since we are in an industry of highly social people! But outside our sometimes insane industry, many people struggle with public speaking, or even chatting with someone they don’t know. Either that, or sometimes they just need to polish up on their speaking skills in front of groups.

    July is “Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month”, which is a great opportunity to partner up outside the community, AND try to pull some of wallflower residents out of their shell! For this event, it isn’t directly geared towards your residents, although they will be encouraged to attend. Instead, reach out to your local Toastmasters group, which is a group designed to help with public speaking. Many interest groups that are not related to a school often have difficulties finding quality locations to meet up with fellow members, so in this case, offer up your community clubhouse! Plus, let them know you will be sharing the event with your residents to help drum up more membership for their group.

    In this way, you have created a great public partner that will raise awareness for your community and may help find new prospects. Plus, you’ve added another event on your calendar that will relate to some of your most shy residents, pulling them out of their apartment!

    Here is a video of Toastmasters 2010-11 World Champion of Public Speaking, David Henderson, talking about why he joined Toastmasters:

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    This is so great in many ways! Being able to do something for the community is an amazing thing! Promoting the company and or community while doing so, seems like such a win-win. I am all for doing things for the right reasons, so this seems perfect. This could benefit many people in the community where I am. Promoting to churches and things of that nature - making sure anyone who needs help with this is involved! AWESOME IDEA!! Will let you know how it turns out... I think I'll be running with this one :) THANKS!

    Owner's reply

    So glad you liked it, Maria! Tell us how it goes!

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