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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Catch the Wellness Wave - Weekend Wellness Festival
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Catch the Wellness Wave - Weekend Wellness Festival

Written by Resident Events On  January 24, 2019   395   0
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Catch the Wellness Wave - Weekend Wellness Festival

With the New Year in full swing, community residents may have made resolutions for becoming healthy and fit. A weekend wellness festival can help your residents get their health screenings done, learn about keeping healthy, and enroll in fitness classes – all under one roof!



Health and Fitness Trivia and Raffle

To get started, you can organize an interactive question and answer session with your residents and also ask health- and fitness-related trivia questions.

Put names into a raffle and give out a fully stocked “health and fitness basket” to one lucky winner that answered correctly. Ask local health-affiliated businesses to sponsor the event and donate items to the raffle!

Introduce High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Fitness Classes


Image source: Pixabay

Create a schedule of adrenaline-inducing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) fitness classes. Offer a taste of various local fitness classes on-site in partnership with nearby gyms and fitness centers.

Depending on interest and engagement, you can also support the creation of a resident-only weekly or monthly recurring group fitness event right inside your community!

***BONUS*** Start a special fitness program for senior residents to help them stay active and engaged.

Mindfulness Training


Image source: Ecozine

Ask local mental health practitioners to deliver workshops and training on mindfulness. In today’s stressful world, mindfulness is an important technique for dealing healthfully with overwhelm and anxiety. Take this opportunity to help your residents learn about the various mindfulness techniques available to them.

On-site health screenings

A major component of your Wellness Festival should include inviting various health-related associations. This will allow your residents to avail of on-site health screenings and check-ups. Here is a list of experts you may want to call to the event:

·         American Heart Association

·         American Red Cross

·         American Diabetes Association

·         American Lung Association

·         County Health Department

·         Car Seat Safety Check experts

·         Dieticians

·         Personal trainers

***TIP*** Make a booth for senior citizens, veterans, students, and other underserved populations where residents can get a complete checkup by a GP or nurse practitioner done in one place!

Health Conscious Food and After-Party Boutique


Image source: Pixabay

Provide your residents with a variety of healthy food options. It’s a great opportunity to contact local eateries, caterers, food trucks, juice bars, and cafes, to join your event (even to sell their food to residents). This way, residents will become more aware of the healthier food providers available in your local community.

Make space for health and fitness resident businesses at your event!Rent out tables or booths to community residents who have businesses in the health and fitness niche. This will both help you generate income to fund the event and also give residents a chance to pitch their products and services in your community. Additionally, it will also raise awareness in your community about the local products and items that may be available right next door!

While planning and organizing a wellness event is a large undertaking, it can easily be made into a yearly tradition! And it will definitely be worth all your efforts.


The event will provide the residents with brilliant support and motivation to remain fit throughout the year and your health screenings and car seat checks may even save a life!


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